Bathroom Solutions

A relaxing bath or shower can be difficult if your mobility is reduced, and slips or falls can become a worry. We have a range of solutions to help you remain safe around the bathroom.

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Simple, low cost options such as grab rails, bath seats and shower stools can add peace of mind when bathing or showering. We have a team of specialists who can install adapted wet rooms and find the correct solution for you. This guide will explain which bathroom solutions we offer and how they can help you.


Grab Rails


Grab rails are often the first step to regaining your independence in the bathroom. They offer extra support and can be gripped when in the bath or shower, lowering or raising from the toilet or moving around the bathroom.


Several sizes and styles are available and you can choose either a permanent or temporary fixture. We have fold away grab rails for beside the toilet, fixed grab rails for the shower and grab rails to grip when getting out of the bath. Suction fixed grab rails are a great alternative to a fixed rail, as there’s no need for tools and no damage to your property should you need to remove them.


Why not watch our short YouTube video on how to use a suction grab rail?

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Bath Boards, Seats & Bathlifts


Bath Boards & Seats

Bath boards sit across the top of your bath to assist with showering or washing. Bath seats fit into the bottom of your bath and can be helpful if you find it difficult to lower yourself into the bath. It’s important to measure the width of your bath against the board or seat before buying.

Shower Stools

We have a wide range of stools which provide comfort and safety in the shower. The stools range from round stools to luxury styles with padded arms and backrest. They can be bought here or our specialists can carry out a free assessment at a time to suit you to find the right shower chair. Call us on 0114 229 3374 to book an assessment.



Bathlifts offer a safer soak in the bath. Once seated, the simple hand control will lower you into the bath and recline the backrest. They are easy to install and offer independence. The battery will indicate when it needs charging. The lift will not operate if there is insufficient charge to complete a full lift so you won’t get stuck in the bath. We offer a free bathlift demonstration at your home, call us on 0114 229 3374.


See our bathlift video here.


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Wet Rooms


We install complete wet rooms in-line with the latest regulations, whilst creating a layout that will best suit your needs.

Options available may include: level access showers, grab rails and perching stools, commodes and toileting products, as well as, shower toilets.

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Our installation team includes electricians, builders, plumbers, engineers, joiners and mobility specialists so you don’t have to worry about several different companies being in your house.

There’s no need to struggle if your bathroom needs adapting, just call us on 0114 229 3374 and see what our specialists can do for you.


Shower Toilets

Geberit Aquaclean 8000 shower toilet

Geberit’s Aquaclean 8000 Shower Toilet has a modern design which combines the functions of a toilet with a bidet to ensure improved hygiene.


At the touch of a button, you can be washed clean by an oscillating spray of warm water. It has different water spray pressures so you can adjust to suit your preferences. It’s also very hygienic – the shower nozzle is self-cleaned with fresh water before and after every use.


The soft-close seat and lid have sound dampeners so the Geberit is discreet and doesn’t make a noise.

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Our Team

Our dedicated team will adapt your bathroom to suit your needs so you don’t have to worry about staying safe.


We’ll take care of everything for you. We have the expertise and experience to provide you with a solution that will make life simpler.


Some of our solutions include: grab rails, hoists, fully fitted wet rooms, specially adapted sinks and toilets, downstairs bathrooms, relocating radiators, improved lighting, and bathroom alarm system installation.


Request this information as brochure or call 0114 229 3374 to make an enquiry.