Reflex Comfort Grip Knives

These stainless steel knives have a soft-touch overmoulded handle for a comfortable slip-resistant grip.


The handle is set at an angle to minimise wrist movement with a large grip for minimal effort.


Dishwasher safe.


Different options are available.

Preparation knife (091207794)

The preparation knife has a scalloped edge and is useful for cutting and preparing food. Doesn't require sharpening. Blade length: 5".

The bottom knife in the image.

Slicing knife (091207828)

The slicing knife is long and narrow, ideal for slicing bread. Blade length: 10".

The third knife down in the image.

Carving knife (091207802)

The carving knife has a scalloped edge which will stay permanently sharp. Blade length: 8".

The second knife down in the image.

Chef knife (091207810)

The chef knife has a smooth sharp edge for cutting or chopping food. Blade length: 8". 

Shown in the top of the image.

Reflex Comfort Grip Knives

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These stainless steel knives have a soft handle for comfortable slip-resistant grip.

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