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Women’s Wide Fitting Slippers: The Slipper Season Edit

Everybody loves a new cosy pair of slippers at this time of year. They make the perfect gift! They’re the sort of gift you can even buy for that person who has everything or is hard to buy for. If you know someone with wider or problem feet, who might otherwise struggle to find their perfect pair, take a look at our whistle-stop overview of some of our favourite wide fitting slippers. Did you know that as our slippers have an extra wide fit of 4E-6E, they qualify as VAT exempt if you are entitled to it. So our competitive prices are even cheaper!

Here’s a peek at the best ladies wide fit slippers. We have a fantastic range of colours and styles, with different features. They’re all available in UK size 3-9 and are washable. And as an added bonus, they benefit from slip-resistant soles, in case you need to pop outside in the chilly weather.

Sadie £31.99

Sadie is one of our most popular ladies wide fitting slippers. They’ve just the right hint of glitz to look festive, without looking over the top for the rest of the year. In terms of design, they great for anyone needing extra wide footwear. Whether you have swollen feet or troublesome toes, diabetes or use orthotics in your shoes, Sadie is a great choice. They have a long V opening, making them easy to get on and meaning they allow room for a high instep, or swelling of the feet or ankles when needed. They’re adjustable too. The touch-fastening can be positioned to suit, or the removable insole can be taken out to give even more depth.

Sophie £31.99

Whatever your personality there’s a Sophie slipper for you! With the wide range of fabrics and toe box designed to be especially deep and wide, these women’s extra wide slippers are another of Sandpiper’s most popular styles. Having such a deep and wide seam-free toe box makes them a great purchase for diabetics or those with sensitive toes. They’re suitable those with hammer toes or needing a little extra room because of bunions. Whatever your foot issues, let your personality shine with one of the six fab fabrics.

Selina £32.99

A festive favourite! Sandpiper’s Selina wide fitting ladies slippers have a cosy collar and a touch of sparkle. The furry collar hugs the warm, keeping feet toasty warm. The low V front makes them easy to put on and gives that bit more room for those with high insteps or when swelling occurs. The touch fastening means they can be adjust effortlessly. Like all Sandpiper slippers, they are also suitable for wearers with diabetes or who use orthotics. If you like the look of Selina, but prefer a bootie-style slipper, check out Val, below.

Val £32.99

Wide fitting women’s slippers doesn’t have to mean cold feet. The Val slipper has all the benefits of its sister Selina, but with a higher collar to keep ankles warm, too, in colder months. It also gives that bit of extra support around the ankle. This, along with the slip-resistant soles is reassuring to know if you’re a bit less steady on your feet.

Vera £33.99

wide fitting slippers
Vera Charcoal Polka

If you want the added warmth of a bootie-style slipper without the look of a furry collar, these vibrant Vera slippers could be right up your street. With a low V opening like many of Sandpiper’s other extra wide ladies slippers, these have extra long straps, too. Not only does this make them easier to fasten, it means you can still fasten them even if the top of the foot needs a lot of extra room. Your feet are in safe hands thanks to the extra support the style gives and the practical slip-resistant soles.

Wendy £43.99

If, like some people, you have particularly problematic feet that sometimes require bandaging, dressings or stockings, the Wendy slipper is ideal. They’re super popular as these open flat slippers can be fastened around the foot, rather than the foot having to be inserted. These 4E-6E extra wide ladies slippers can then be fastened to fit each foot independently, giving necessary support. Take a look below at how flat they can unfold allowing for easy fitting to the feet.

The Wendy extra wide ladies slippers open completely flat and can be fastened to fit around the foot, whether swollen or bandaged.