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Leaving Hospital: Making Your Home Work For You

It’s such a relief to be in your own home after a hospital stay. But leaving hospital can also be daunting when you begin thinking about if your home still works for you. Our handy guide goes through some of the products that can make life at home that bit easier if your mobility has been affected. It looks at the best products to help maintain your independence.


Unless you already live in a bungalow, you may find that stairs become a challenge if you have reduced mobility. A stairlift is a simple solution to allow a person to use all parts of their house even when stairs can pose a problem. Virtually all staircase can accommodate a stairlift, even if it isn’t straight or has landings part way up! If you’re in Derbyshire or Yorkshire, we’d carry out a free home survey to see which stairlift is right for you and even keep some straight stairlifts in stock, meaning they can be in your home even quicker. Stairs with bends or turns require curved rails. These are made to measure and take a little longer.  To arrange a no-obligation assessment call 0114 2293388.

Bath Lift

The wonderful benefits of a nice, warm bath can sometimes be one of the first things sadly affected by mobility. A bath can often help with the issues associated with reduced mobility, yet getting in and out of the bath can be the greatest hurdle. The CCN Bath Lift is designed for comfort and safety to allow users to relax in their own bath.

It’s an incredibly light, battery-powered reclining bath lift. Just the touch of a button, gently lowers users into the bath for bathing and relaxation then raises them again to aid safely getting out. The CCN Bath Lift’s market-leading backrest reclines to 50° allowing a greater hip-to-back sitting angle for increased comfort. The front cut-out in the seat improves access for personal hygiene. An emergency stop button is incorporated into the hand control for optimal safety. A simple, user-friendly jack plug connection to the charger ensures ease of use.

Shower Chairs and Stools

Maybe you don’t have a bath, but have a shower tray or wet room. We’ve taken the hassle out of standing to shower after leaving hospital. If you’re unstable on your feet or find standing for longer periods of time tiring, a shower stool or chair could be the solution. Our vast range means you’re sure to find the solution for you.

We have height adjustable stools and chairs, ones with backs and ones with arms. We have bath seats that can be fixed to the wall, as well as ones that can be moved or even folded up. They make bathing and showering safer and easier. We even have perching stools that are higher to allow the user to shower seated but without having to sit down in a low seat. Others have rotating seats that allow you to turn and reach easily.


One of the most unnerving things when a person’s mobility has been affected is the thought of getting to the toilet in time. Even more unnerving is the thought of going to the bathroom during the night. It’s dark and you’ve been laid still possibly for hours and suddenly you’ve got to navigate the bedroom and bathroom.

Something as simple as a commode can help relieve this anxiety. Go to the toilet discreetly and comfortably wherever. Replace the lid and seat and the commode appears to be a chair- great if space if is a premium. We even have folding ones if you need the option of more space or prefer to store it away until needed. There’s also a height-adjustable commode that can be tailored to the user for even more reassurance.

Surgery Recovery Kit

Everything you need in one handy kit and one low price!

Helping Hands are here to well…offer a helping hand! They’ve thought of everything you might need if you’re recovering from hip replacement surgery, although we think this handy kit could be useful to lots of people recovering from many types of surgery or after leaving hospital. Eliminating the need to strain or bend down, the kit includes an extra-long handled shoe-horn, a reacher and a long-handled toe washer. As well as the shoe horn as a dressing aid, there’s also a Soxon. ‘Load’ it with your socks before dropping it down to your feet with the long handles. Place your foot in the neck of the sock, between the soft cushioned sides of the Soxon, before pulling the handles upwards to pull the sock over your foot.

The kit also includes a waterproof cast/dressing protector. Whilst you can buy all of these products in our online shop separately, buying them as a kit saves you money.

Buy Online Or Instore

We know that if you’ve just left hospital ‘popping to the shops’ might be the last thing on your mind. It might also prove too tricky. Except for the stairlift, where we will come to your home and carry out a no-obligation assessment, all of these products are available to buy online. Shop from the comfort of your home and have them delivered to your door. However, if you’d prefer to browse or have someone who could go to one of our shops on your behalf, there are four to choose from. Our mobility shops are based at Gleadless (Sheffield), Orgreave (Sheffield), Wickersley (Rotherham) and Allestree (Derby).