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Getting Your Home Ready For Winter

With the welcome news that energy prices are set to fall on the 1st October to its lowest since April 2022, there’s less of a chill in the air about putting the heating on as the colder months creep closer. The government has also announced that, in addition to this year’s winter fuel payment, people who qualify will also get a ‘cost of living top-up’. The payments will be made between November or December. To help out further, we thought we’d share our tips on getting your home ready for winter.

Get The kettle On

Firstly, let’s look at the small changes that can make the most of your home and your budget. And what could be more humble than a cuppa? When boiling the water to make a hot drink, if we’re getting down to the difference in pennies, technically a covered pan on a gas hob is the cheapest method. However, many people don’t own a gas hob and a kettle is conveniently quick. A kettle is also the safer option for many people who have reduced mobility. To ensure you still save money when using a kettle, only boil the amount of water you need. This way, you’ll only use as much water and energy to heat it, as you need. It’ll also heat quicker, meaning you can go and put your feet up faster.

But, even a kettle can pose a safety risk to those with arthritis or other debilitating conditions. Our favourite product to eliminate this is the Uccello Tipping Kettle. Whether you’re making a hot drink or filling a hot water bottle to warm you up, pour water safely and easily. Move the kettle to tip or pivot it, with just one finger. The unique shape means that water moves around inside the kettle in a way that prevents it from sloshing out and splashing, when being poured.

Make Your Home Work For You

Often the change in weather means we spend more time in our homes during autumn and winter. So it’s important that your home is working smarter so you don’t have to work harder. A stairlift is an obvious way to make tackling the stairs easier. Even if the stairs aren’t an ‘obstacle’ as yet, installing one before you need it is a great way of future-proofing your home. For example, feeling under the weather because of a seasonal cold? A stairlift makes getting upstairs to your bed, so much more easier.

Unfortunately, the number one reason for older people being admitted to hospital is a fall. But, in order to be allowed to return to their own home afterwards, some patients need a stairlift installing. We pride ourselves on the speed which we can install a stairlift. However, even with this in mind, waiting for one to be installed can lead to more time being spent in hospital by the patient than they’d prefer. Already having a stairlift installed can reduce this time.

Put Your Feet Up

What you sit on at home might not be your first thought when you think about getting your home ready for winter. But, if you think about it, you’re likely to be watching more TV and generally staying indoors. Inclement weather will undoubtedly arrive (we live in Britain, after all) and dampen our desires to venture out. Spending more time on the sofa or in your armchair can, however, lead to problems. And we don’t just mean deciding what to watch.

A correctly measured rise & recline chair can alleviate issues that might arise from sitting in a regular armchair, such as by offering better postural support. Raising the legs whilst seated can help prevent fluid build up in the legs and feet, whilst the rising function can stop you feeling as out of breath when standing (should those pesky colds attack).

The reason we suggest a correctly measured chair is because a poorly matched chair can lead to pressure sores when you’re sat in them for longer periods. We always recommend not buying online, but calling into store to try them for yourself. Our friendly specialists can help you find the right sized chair for you. This video demonstrates what we mean:

A range of sizes, motors, fabrics and back styles are available to tailor your chair to your needs.

Take The Weight Off

A simpler solution to buying a new piece of furniture, if you’re worried about sitting at home for longer periods of time on a standard arm chair or high seat chair, could be a pressure relieving cushion. They work by evenly distributing your body weight and protecting ‘bony areas’. They’re available in a number of configurations. Here are a few examples:

Coccyx cut-out reduces pressure on the tail bone area, providing additional comfort to those who suffer from coccyx pain.
Ringo cut-out has a removable central piece of foam use with the insert for all over support, or remove the insert to relieve any sensation of pressure around the sitting bones. Standard cushion no cut-out.

Settle Your Head For A Long Winter’s Nap

There’s a popular saying: ‘spend good money on your bed and on your shoes, because if you’re not in one, you’re in the other!’ As the nights draw in, with the added warmth of a quilt, many like to read or watch TV in bed. If you’re going to be spending that bit more time in bed, surely it should suit your needs as well as providing unbeatable comfort? We have a large range of beds and mattresses to suit your home, lifestyle, budget and health.

Our bed range are all ‘profiling’ or adjustable electric beds. This means at just the touch of a button, the back can raise to create a more comfortable sitting position, or sleeping position if breathing is affected by laying flat. You can literally ‘put your feet up’ using the hand controller to gently raise your legs. This can help with circulation and fluid retention.

We even have profiling beds in our range with dual motors, meaning your other half can control their half of the bed separately, keeping you both happy and comfortable. As well as a choice of motors, storage, pressure relieving mattress, fabric, headboard and leg options are also available. So not only will your new bed be practical, but fit in to your home’s decor with ease.

Cosy Toes

Going back to that old adage about either being in your bed or your shoes, at home you’re probably more likely to be in your slippers. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still buy wisely. Technically, this isn’t getting your home ready for winter. However, slippers are a really cost-effective way to stay warmer in winter, as well as giving the feet and ankles better support. That being said, they can be one of the biggest causes of unnecessary trips and falls when people wear slippers that are shoe sizes too big in order to gain width. Whether naturally occurring, or due to swelling or bandages/dressings, we have a great range of slippers for wider feet.

To begin with, you need to know your foot width (scroll down for our handy video guide). As well as standard width styles like the Bluebell and Betsy (a wide width fitting is an E or EE width), we also have extra wide styles in 4E-8E. So you can wear shoes that are the correct length, preventing slobbing or overhangs that cause trips, that also accommodate your width. Many are adjustable, too, meaning you can adjust them if there’s a change in your feet.