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Proper Fitting Footwear For The New Season

As well as their most popular styles, wide-fitting footwear brand Sandpiper have added a few more styles and colours to their range in time for the Autumn/Winter 2023 season. All of these extra wide women’s shoes are available in our online shop, as well as classic styles and men’s footwear.

New For 2023- Fairmont

The Fairmont extra wide women’s shoes feature super soft leathers, breathable lining, padded collar and cushioned footbed. Ideal for autumn and winter (and let’s face it most months of the year in Britain) the black leather keeps feet dry whilst not showing up darker marks from puddles and dirt. There’s no need to struggle with soggy laces either as they have leather touch fastening straps to open, close and adjust them easily.

The wide, deep and rounded toe box of this 4E-6E width shoe provides lots of room around the toes. This makes them ideal for those with hammertoes or bunions. Not only this, but like all their wide fit women’s shoes, Sandpiper have included two removable insoles. This allows the wearer to adjust the depth and fit. It also allows for the insertion of orthotics.

Make It Fenwick, But Fancy!

The Fenwick has always been a popular shoe at this time of year, being a full, leather shoe with touch fastenings. Not only that, but they come in a wide range of colours including autumnal shades: Bronze Print, Cherry Print and Black. And now you can be ready for party season with the new Grey Mosaic style of this bestseller. New for 2023, Grey Mosaic combines soft, pale grey leather toe, heel and strap, with white leather printed with a glittering silver mosaic pattern.

If you like to dance at Christmas parties, or simply be comfortable when you go out for a nice pub lunch, these extra wide ladies shoes will feel like you’re walking on air. They’re lightweight, padded and have a seam-free toe box (so they won’t rub your toes). They also have a small 3cm (1 1/4″) heel to give you a little boost whilst remaining confident in your step.

Go Far With Fargo

Another classic style receiving a revamp this season is the Fargo extra wide fitting ladies shoes! Sandpiper have added the stylish Grey Print to their range. This time a darker grey leather shoe contrasts with snake skin effect toes, heels and touch fastenings. The dual bar fastening makes them even more adjustable, so you can get the perfect fit however your feet are feeling. The straps are extra long so you don’t have to stretch as far to simply fasten them with a touch.

Sandpiper shoes give extra peace of mind with their great ankle support and slip-resistant soles. This makes them ideal if you need walk that bit further or when the inevitable rain and drizzle hits the pavements.

Bali By Name, Made For Britain

Also available in the new Grey Print, these Sandpiper women’s boots provide that bit more ankle support and waterproof coverage than a shoe. Not only that, with its rounder toe, these Bali boots are our best women’s wide fitting boots for toe problems. Available in three colours and with a slight 1 1/4″ heel, they’re timeless and smart. The two-tone look of both the black, grey and brown boots, sets them aside from plainer boots.

Just like their range of shoes, all Sandpiper boots are designed with diabetics in mind, too. Swelling of the feet and ankles, whatever the cause, can often mean boots aren’t something you can wear. But with these, even those who take a 4E-6E width fitting can wear boots when the weather changes. Not sure what your width fitting is? Click here to view our handy guide to measuring your feet correctly.

The Best Of The Rest

Whilst there’s plenty to be excited about that’s new to the season, there’s plenty of our bestsellers that still deserve a mention. Why not browse our shoes and boots sections to find the ideal style for you. And as the weather gets chillier, we can’t fail to mention our range of cosy, properly fitting and adjustable slippers. And if you know any gents who would benefit from extra wide fitting shoes and slippers this Autumn/Winter, we’ve got a great selection for them, too.