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A Short Guide to Choosing Wheelchairs

Clark & Partners is a leading provider of wheelchairs with a wealth of specialist knowledge and experience. We have a wide range of wheelchairs for sale at excellent prices, whatever your needs. Our standard manual wheelchairs are available in both transit (pushed by an attendant) and self propel options and wheelchairs that suit more active users. We also provide a comprehensive range of electric powered wheelchairs that are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and also cater for more complex and specific requirements.

Wheelchair Specialists

Our Wheelchair Specialists carry out free assessments at a time and location to suit you, to help ensure you get the best possible wheelchair for your needs. They also carry out specialist modifications and have access to a large range of accessories, which means you can have confidence that your wheelchair will be calibrated to how you need it.


Whether you have been informed by wheelchair services about us, are shopping for a relative or would like to upgrade from your current wheelchair, here’s an overview of the types of wheelchair we sell and a guide to some of the terms you may come across.





Not sure which wheelchair you need?


Call us on 0114 229 3374 to book a free, no obligation assessment where our Wheelchair Specialists will be able to advise and suggest the most suitable wheelchairs.



Manual Wheelchair Options:

Standard Wheelchairs

Do you want the freedom to get out and about but need to take a wheelchair with you in case you need it? Then a lightweight folding wheelchair could be for you. These wheelchairs are available in transit (pushed by an attendant) or self propel options. Ideal for occasional use, such as day trips, they fold easily for travelling and fit in a car boot. Our standard wheelchairs include Alu Lite, Excel G Lite, Escape Lite, Enigma, Link and Swift.

Escape Lite Wheelchair

Medium Active Wheelchairs

Are you a regular wheelchair user that needs a wheelchair to fit your lifestyle? Our medium active chairs fold for easy transportation and have various options to choose from to suit your needs. They are available in different sizes. Our most popular medium active wheelchairs are the Action range which includes 2NG, 3NG and 4NG models. All are compatible with the Alber power add-ons* range.

Active Wheelchairs

If you are a sporty and on-the-go individual, then one of our rigid active user chairs would be for you. Our active wheelchair range, which includes Life R, Argon 2, Helium and the Küschall K-Series, are extremely lightweight. They make use of advanced technology and have great aesthetics in addition to excellent strength and performance to provide a great chair for the active, independent user. Active chairs are light enough for individual lifting and complement an active lifestyle.

Life R Wheelchair

Passive Wheelchairs

Passive chairs have multiple positioning adjustments to promote improved comfort for users that spend a significant amount of time in a wheelchair. They offer a greater degree of postural support. They have all the adjustments of other wheelchairs with soft cushions for optimal comfort. Our passive comfort chairs include Rea Azalea and Action 3NG Comfort.


Powered Wheelchair options:


Powered wheelchairs are often suitable for those who don’t have the upper body strength to propel a manual wheelchair. They offer an excellent mobility range without the exertion of self-propelling. They can be modified and adapted to suit different disabilities and requirements so they can support you now and in the future.


Indoor & Outdoor Power Chairs

The power chairs are highly configurable, which means they can be adapted and modified to your requirements. They are capable of indoor use as they have a tight turning circle, but enable outdoor use as well. Suspension, as well as various seating options, including the JAY range*, are available. Our indoor & outdoor power chair range features Spectra XTR2 and the popular Salsa M2.


Quickie Salsa M2

Indoor Power Chairs

Compact and narrow, our indoor power chairs have a tight turning circle and manoeuvre easily when travelling indoors through narrow doorways. Various adjustments and modifications are available, which our Wheelchair Specialists can guide you through. These wheelchairs have limited outdoor ability. Our range includes the Hula and Pronto M41.


Outdoor Power Chairs

Using advanced suspension and shock absorption, our outdoor power chairs are easily able to tackle various terrains and can manoeuvre over every day obstacles such as kerbs. They have some indoor capabilities but their strength is in coping with the outdoors and offering a comfortable ride. We sell outdoor power chairs such as the Jive range and Storm 4 Xplore.


Quickie Jive M


Our specialists can fit various accessories and modifications to wheelchairs to suit specific needs and requirements. Our large range of modifications includes:


  • Specialist seating for improved posture and comfort
  • JAY range of highly adjustable cushions for stability and skin protection against pressure sores
  • R net controls – specialist control panel where you can customise how you control your power chair
  • Chin controls allow those who don’t have the use of their hands to control their power chair via a joystick operated by their chin
  • Plus many more modifications. If you have specific requirements, just let us know and we’ll tailor the wheelchair to your specification.


View a sample of our range of wheelchairs here.

Glossary of terms:

  • *Alber power add-ons – A range of accessories which can be added to a variety of manual wheelchairs to add power. The range includes aids which push the wheelchair, Twion power assist wheels and battery packs.
  • Flo-tech cushions – Invacare’s specialist cushion range offers comfort, postural management and effective pressure redistribution, to reduce the risk of pressure sores. This is important when sat for long periods of time, such as in a wheelchair.
  • *JAY seating range – The JAY seating range from Sunrise Medical is a range of cushions, backrests and headrests which offers comfort and postural support, in addition to pressure redistribution. There is a JAY cushion to accommodate most mobility needs.
  • Matrix seating systems – Matrix specialist seating systems enable complex shaping for wheelchair users with significant postural needs. The ball and socket joints are adjustable and offer complete, effective postural support.
  • Modulite seating system – Invacare’s Modulite seating system is designed to accommodate many postural needs, with a range of adjustments available. Choose from a variety of seat supports and cushions.
  • TGA power packs – TGA provide power packs which act as an extra wheel so that the wheelchair can be pushed easier.
  • Vicair cushions – Vicair cushions use SoftCells technology, which ensures optimal postural support and pressure redistribution. Available in a range of sizes and pressure sore risk ratings.


We hope that you have found this brief guide to choosing a wheelchair informative. Should you wish to discuss your requirements further, then please call us on 0114 229 3374 and we can arrange for you to speak to one of our Wheelchair Specialists.


Wheelchairs can provide increased freedom for many people with conditions such as:

Motor Neurone’s Disease (MND), muscular dystrophy, Huntington’s disease (HD), multiple sclerosis (MS), quadriplegic, paraplegic, spinal injuries, amputees, cerebral palsy, spina bifida.


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