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Flow X Stairlift

Flow X

Curved Stairlift

Flow X

The Flow X curved stairlift combines technology, comfort, safety and style in the most seamless way offering the most attractive and advanced stairlift in our range.

The bespoke rail is made to fit only your staircase and joins flawlessly for the smoothest ride. Complimented by its padded seat and backrest, which is gently reclined, to promote a natural position and premium comfort while travelling.

This stylish stairlift is a welcome addition to any home. Fitting well into its surroundings, with a range of colour choices and high quality fabric options available. The seat is height adjustable to help achieve the perfect position and folds neatly away, hugging the wall without showing any mechanical elements when not in use. While it folds manually with ease there is also a power fold option available which auto folds the seat and footrest at the push of a button.

For ease of getting on and off the lift the seat swivels to the side to allow better access, a further advantage is the footrest which rotates along with the seat. This allows the body to swivel together in one motion.  

From £5500.00 ex. VAT

Flow X Stairlift

Advanced Style & Safety

The Flow X can fit any staircase, thanks to it’s unique patented technology. The seat can rotate during motion, allowing you to travel backwards to avoid clashing in narrow spaces and comfort on steep inclines at the same time staying level so that you are always in the safest position.

The arm rests are ergonomically designed and offer a range of positions to support safety and comfort. They fully open out wide to allow for easy side transfer onto the seat. When in the middle position they are slightly tapered in so they can be used to support you when standing from or lowering onto the seat. When in motion the arms taper to wrap around and provide a secure space. Built in smart detection will not allow the lift to move unless the arms are in the correct position.

For extra safety an integrated call device feature is available. It can programme up to 3 telephone numbers which you can call directly from the stairlift and uses a speaker system allowing you to communicate both ways.

  • Fits all staircases
  • Unique rotating technology  
  • Padded seat and backrest
  • Reclined seat position
  • Seat height adjustment
  • Mechanical elements hidden when folded
  • Remote control
  • Ergonomic armrests
  • Optional integrated call device
  • Rail options available
Flow X Stairlift