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We understand that scooters can be a minefield, finding the right scooter to meet your need can be challenging, we have grouped our scooters into 3 main categories to try and help you. 

Boot Scooters

The smallest scooters in our range, boot scooters are ideal when your wanting to do short journeys, maybe round your local shopping center, to your local shops or even to the seaside for the day. Their very name means they are able to break down into several pieces to allow you to easily load these into the boot of your car, each individual piece weighing at the most 14kg.

Pavement Scooters        

A medium size scooter suitable for your slightly longer journeys, instead of breaking down and fitting into you car boot these scooters can take you to your local supermarket and offer you a comfortable ride along the way. Being a littler larger in size means they have bigger batteries and therefore last longer on your journeys. These are ideal for your trips to supermarkets, visiting friends and getting out locally.

Large Scooters

Some of our larger scooters can go on the road some are pavement only, what they do all have in common is their ability to go the extra distance. These types of scooters are perfect for getting you to most places you want to go, some offering a distance range of up to 25 miles! They have bigger padded seats offering much more comfort for those full days out and about, not just one place at a time but wherever you want to go!

So whatever you want to get out and do we have a wide range of scooters available to help you achieve your goals.

Boot Scooters

Pavement Scooters

Road Scooters

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