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Left Foot Accelerator

For drivers who are unable to use a traditional right foot accelerator, are able to use their left foot and want to avoid using hand controls, we can adapt most automatic vehicles to include a left foot accelerator. Using a foot pedal to control acceleration rather than a hand control can allow for greater control of the steering wheel.

There are two main types of left foot accelerators: twin folding left foot accelerators and electric left foot accelerators. Both allow a car to be quickly transformed to a left foot or returned to a right foot accelerator- the right accelerator pedal isn’t lost should someone else need to drive the vehicle.

Twin Folding Left Foot Accelerators

Left pedal in use – Twin Flip Left Foot Accelerator– image from

The twin folding (sometimes referred to as ‘flip’) left accelerator is the most commonly used left foot accelerator. Depending on who’s driving, the car can be converted to left or right foot accelerator simply by pulling down the desired pedal. The pedal not needed is drawn up out of the way.

Operating a twin folding/flip left foot accelerator. Image credits

Electric Accelerator

Left Foot Electric Accelerator. Image credits

Some cars have pedals that come out of the floor that require a different style of left foot accelerator. Clark and Partners can supply and fit these too. Rather than the unused pedal retracting upwards, a switch controls whether the right or left accelerator functions.

Left Foot Electric Accelerator Operation. Image credits

**Whilst we have included images of Jeff Gosling products for illustrative purposes, we also supply and fit other brands in addition to Jeff Gosling, depending on the vehicle to be adapted.**