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Outdoor Step lift SP wessex

Outdoor lifts at your homes

Here are some of the recent outdoor lift installations we have been doing at your homes.

Outdoor lifts at your homes

This customer, an active wheelchair user, had a very old lift installed. It had been extremely effective, supporting the client throughout its lifetime, getting them successfully in and out of their property. There are a number of steps up to the front access making this extremely difficult for a wheelchair user.

The old lift had unfortunately come to the end of its working life and needed replacing. We were asked to remove it and fit a new one. Our team removed the lift and re concreted the base underneath for a secure foundation. Once set the new LR Platform lift was installed.

The installation took 7 days in total. The removal of the old lift was done with minimal effort. The concrete arrived and unfortunately the shoot to lay it was not long enough. Our team each grabbed a shovel. This did delay things a little, but also allowed us to carry and not abort the installation. Some time was included for the setting of the concrete and then the installation of the new lift was completed within a couple of days.

Outdoor lifts at your homes

Another replacement outdoor lift required at this home, again as their current lift had broken down and difficult to repair due to its age. It was more cost effective and less disruptive to replace the old lift with a new SP 500 step lift.

This one was required for a relatively low stepped access to the front of the home for a wheelchair user who was unable to access the property without this lift.

We considered replacing the lift with a modular ramp but the space and gradients of the property simply did not  accommodate this option so a new lift was required.

After fitting the user was able to re access the home confident there would be no issues or concern of this lift breaking down.

The new lift we installed has higher sides and a much more aesthetically pleasing appearance, adding to the minimalistic front garden this family keep.