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Proper Fitting Footwear For The New Season

As well as their most popular styles, wide-fitting footwear brand Sandpiper have added a few more styles and colours to their range in time for the Autumn/Winter 2023 season. All of these extra wide women’s shoes are available in our online shop, as well as classic styles and men’s footwear.

New For 2023- Fairmont

The Fairmont extra wide women’s shoes feature super soft leathers, breathable lining, padded collar and cushioned footbed. Ideal for autumn and winter (and let’s face it most months of the year in Britain) the black leather keeps feet dry whilst not showing up darker marks from puddles and dirt. There’s no need to struggle with soggy laces either as they have leather touch fastening straps to open, close and adjust them easily.

The wide, deep and rounded toe box of this 4E-6E width shoe provides lots of room around the toes. This makes them ideal for those with hammertoes or bunions. Not only this, but like all their wide fit women’s shoes, Sandpiper have included two removable insoles. This allows the wearer to adjust the depth and fit. It also allows for the insertion of orthotics.

Make It Fenwick, But Fancy!

The Fenwick has always been a popular shoe at this time of year, being a full, leather shoe with touch fastenings. Not only that, but they come in a wide range of colours including autumnal shades: Bronze Print, Cherry Print and Black. And now you can be ready for party season with the new Grey Mosaic style of this bestseller. New for 2023, Grey Mosaic combines soft, pale grey leather toe, heel and strap, with white leather printed with a glittering silver mosaic pattern.

If you like to dance at Christmas parties, or simply be comfortable when you go out for a nice pub lunch, these extra wide ladies shoes will feel like you’re walking on air. They’re lightweight, padded and have a seam-free toe box (so they won’t rub your toes). They also have a small 3cm (1 1/4″) heel to give you a little boost whilst remaining confident in your step.

Go Far With Fargo

Another classic style receiving a revamp this season is the Fargo extra wide fitting ladies shoes! Sandpiper have added the stylish Grey Print to their range. This time a darker grey leather shoe contrasts with snake skin effect toes, heels and touch fastenings. The dual bar fastening makes them even more adjustable, so you can get the perfect fit however your feet are feeling. The straps are extra long so you don’t have to stretch as far to simply fasten them with a touch.

Sandpiper shoes give extra peace of mind with their great ankle support and slip-resistant soles. This makes them ideal if you need walk that bit further or when the inevitable rain and drizzle hits the pavements.

Bali By Name, Made For Britain

Also available in the new Grey Print, these Sandpiper women’s boots provide that bit more ankle support and waterproof coverage than a shoe. Not only that, with its rounder toe, these Bali boots are our best women’s wide fitting boots for toe problems. Available in three colours and with a slight 1 1/4″ heel, they’re timeless and smart. The two-tone look of both the black, grey and brown boots, sets them aside from plainer boots.

Just like their range of shoes, all Sandpiper boots are designed with diabetics in mind, too. Swelling of the feet and ankles, whatever the cause, can often mean boots aren’t something you can wear. But with these, even those who take a 4E-6E width fitting can wear boots when the weather changes. Not sure what your width fitting is? Click here to view our handy guide to measuring your feet correctly.

The Best Of The Rest

Whilst there’s plenty to be excited about that’s new to the season, there’s plenty of our bestsellers that still deserve a mention. Why not browse our shoes and boots sections to find the ideal style for you. And as the weather gets chillier, we can’t fail to mention our range of cosy, properly fitting and adjustable slippers. And if you know any gents who would benefit from extra wide fitting shoes and slippers this Autumn/Winter, we’ve got a great selection for them, too.

Getting Your Home Ready For Winter

With the welcome news that energy prices are set to fall on the 1st October to its lowest since April 2022, there’s less of a chill in the air about putting the heating on as the colder months creep closer. The government has also announced that, in addition to this year’s winter fuel payment, people who qualify will also get a ‘cost of living top-up’. The payments will be made between November or December. To help out further, we thought we’d share our tips on getting your home ready for winter.

Get The kettle On

Firstly, let’s look at the small changes that can make the most of your home and your budget. And what could be more humble than a cuppa? When boiling the water to make a hot drink, if we’re getting down to the difference in pennies, technically a covered pan on a gas hob is the cheapest method. However, many people don’t own a gas hob and a kettle is conveniently quick. A kettle is also the safer option for many people who have reduced mobility. To ensure you still save money when using a kettle, only boil the amount of water you need. This way, you’ll only use as much water and energy to heat it, as you need. It’ll also heat quicker, meaning you can go and put your feet up faster.

But, even a kettle can pose a safety risk to those with arthritis or other debilitating conditions. Our favourite product to eliminate this is the Uccello Tipping Kettle. Whether you’re making a hot drink or filling a hot water bottle to warm you up, pour water safely and easily. Move the kettle to tip or pivot it, with just one finger. The unique shape means that water moves around inside the kettle in a way that prevents it from sloshing out and splashing, when being poured.

Make Your Home Work For You

Often the change in weather means we spend more time in our homes during autumn and winter. So it’s important that your home is working smarter so you don’t have to work harder. A stairlift is an obvious way to make tackling the stairs easier. Even if the stairs aren’t an ‘obstacle’ as yet, installing one before you need it is a great way of future-proofing your home. For example, feeling under the weather because of a seasonal cold? A stairlift makes getting upstairs to your bed, so much more easier.

Unfortunately, the number one reason for older people being admitted to hospital is a fall. But, in order to be allowed to return to their own home afterwards, some patients need a stairlift installing. We pride ourselves on the speed which we can install a stairlift. However, even with this in mind, waiting for one to be installed can lead to more time being spent in hospital by the patient than they’d prefer. Already having a stairlift installed can reduce this time.

Put Your Feet Up

What you sit on at home might not be your first thought when you think about getting your home ready for winter. But, if you think about it, you’re likely to be watching more TV and generally staying indoors. Inclement weather will undoubtedly arrive (we live in Britain, after all) and dampen our desires to venture out. Spending more time on the sofa or in your armchair can, however, lead to problems. And we don’t just mean deciding what to watch.

A correctly measured rise & recline chair can alleviate issues that might arise from sitting in a regular armchair, such as by offering better postural support. Raising the legs whilst seated can help prevent fluid build up in the legs and feet, whilst the rising function can stop you feeling as out of breath when standing (should those pesky colds attack).

The reason we suggest a correctly measured chair is because a poorly matched chair can lead to pressure sores when you’re sat in them for longer periods. We always recommend not buying online, but calling into store to try them for yourself. Our friendly specialists can help you find the right sized chair for you. This video demonstrates what we mean:

A range of sizes, motors, fabrics and back styles are available to tailor your chair to your needs.

Take The Weight Off

A simpler solution to buying a new piece of furniture, if you’re worried about sitting at home for longer periods of time on a standard arm chair or high seat chair, could be a pressure relieving cushion. They work by evenly distributing your body weight and protecting ‘bony areas’. They’re available in a number of configurations. Here are a few examples:

Coccyx cut-out reduces pressure on the tail bone area, providing additional comfort to those who suffer from coccyx pain.
Ringo cut-out has a removable central piece of foam use with the insert for all over support, or remove the insert to relieve any sensation of pressure around the sitting bones. Standard cushion no cut-out.

Settle Your Head For A Long Winter’s Nap

There’s a popular saying: ‘spend good money on your bed and on your shoes, because if you’re not in one, you’re in the other!’ As the nights draw in, with the added warmth of a quilt, many like to read or watch TV in bed. If you’re going to be spending that bit more time in bed, surely it should suit your needs as well as providing unbeatable comfort? We have a large range of beds and mattresses to suit your home, lifestyle, budget and health.

Our bed range are all ‘profiling’ or adjustable electric beds. This means at just the touch of a button, the back can raise to create a more comfortable sitting position, or sleeping position if breathing is affected by laying flat. You can literally ‘put your feet up’ using the hand controller to gently raise your legs. This can help with circulation and fluid retention.

We even have profiling beds in our range with dual motors, meaning your other half can control their half of the bed separately, keeping you both happy and comfortable. As well as a choice of motors, storage, pressure relieving mattress, fabric, headboard and leg options are also available. So not only will your new bed be practical, but fit in to your home’s decor with ease.

Cosy Toes

Going back to that old adage about either being in your bed or your shoes, at home you’re probably more likely to be in your slippers. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still buy wisely. Technically, this isn’t getting your home ready for winter. However, slippers are a really cost-effective way to stay warmer in winter, as well as giving the feet and ankles better support. That being said, they can be one of the biggest causes of unnecessary trips and falls when people wear slippers that are shoe sizes too big in order to gain width. Whether naturally occurring, or due to swelling or bandages/dressings, we have a great range of slippers for wider feet.

To begin with, you need to know your foot width (scroll down for our handy video guide). As well as standard width styles like the Bluebell and Betsy (a wide width fitting is an E or EE width), we also have extra wide styles in 4E-8E. So you can wear shoes that are the correct length, preventing slobbing or overhangs that cause trips, that also accommodate your width. Many are adjustable, too, meaning you can adjust them if there’s a change in your feet.

Which Mobility Scooter Is Right For Me?

Did you know there are four main categories of mobility scooters? So what should you look for when buying a mobility scooter? All have different features and benefits. This handy guide to buying a mobility scooter shows you what you can expect from Boot, Folding, Pavement and Road-Legal scooters. It helps narrow down the search for the ideal scooter to suit a person’s needs and lifestyle.

Boot Scooters

Boot scooters might be the first scooter our customers buy when walking longer distances becomes tricky. Compact and convenient, they’re designed to be taken apart easily for easy storage in the boot of car. With twenty different types of boot scooter from six leading manufacturers, we have a range of styles and colours to choose from. Being so compact, the distance range, user weight limit and features are slightly less than larger scooter types. However, with comfortable, padded seating, handy shopping basket and low prices starting from £695 (ex. VAT*), they’re ideal for occasional use.

Pavement Scooters

Again, like our boot scooters, we have a large selection of pavement scooters at our mobility shops in Sheffield, Rotherham and Derby. These scooters tend to be more spacious and so comfortable, for people who want a mobility scooter that they’re going to use more often. Because they are more robust, not all pavement scooters can be taken apart. However, they may have a fold-down back to save on space when storing indoors. Increasingly, more manufacturers are solving the dilemma of a sturdy pavement scooter that can also be taken apart to allow it to be transported in the boot of a car. Take the Marlin, for example. It has all the comfort and sturdiness of a pavement scooter but with the handy features of its boot scooter counterpart, the Illusion.

All four types of scooters have scooters that are available on the Motability scheme. This scheme allows people who receive the higher rate of disability living allowance to pay for their equipment monthly, whilst receiving a great level of aftercare, including maintenance and servicing.

Mobility scooter

Folding Scooters

As you might have guessed, folding scooters fold down compact for easier transportation, unlike boot scooters that are taken apart. It also makes them the ideal solution if space is limited in terms of home storage. Because of this convenient feature, they tend to be more expensive than boot scooters. However, as well as Motability, we also have other options to help spread the cost. In store we can offer Snap Finance and, online, Klarna is available.

With manual and electric folding versions available, there are a range of other features to consider, too. More robust folding scooters that are designed for comfort and sturdiness, can weigh more than others. This might be something to think about when considering how the scooter will be moved when folded. Others are ultra-lightweight and are ideal for things like airline travel, thanks to their lithium batteries. Without arms and bulky upholstery, some can even fold up and be moved liked a wheelie suitcase.

Mobility scooter

Road Scooters

Road scooters are the most versatile scooters on the market. Firstly, they can be used just like any other scooter, for popping to the shops and the likes. Secondly, they can be used as a car might be for a short journey, getting you from A to B faster (8mph) than your average scooter. Therefore, these tend to be the more expensive option. However, with some starting from as little as £1,795 *, there’s still options to suit most budgets.

So, what sets them apart from the rest? Looks wise, the main difference is the inclusion of headlights and wing mirrors- safety features for driving on the road. They also appear more robust for added sturdiness when driving on the road amongst other road users. But sturdy doesn’t have to mean over-sized as models like the Colt Sport remain compact and narrow for when you switch the maximum speed down to 4mph for driving around pavements and shops. Some even have handy storage baskets to hold your shopping.

For those longer journeys, spacious, padded captain’s seats, head and armrests keep you comfortable. Most are adjustable to optimise your driving position, again adding to their comfort. Depending on your driving style and mobility levels, we have road scooters with both traditional handle bars or delta steering bars (a ‘D’ shaped handle bar) that give greater scope as to where you position your hands. This type also allow for easier single-handed steering when needed.

No car? No worries.

If you don’t have use of a car, a road scooter could be the answer. Some have canopies to shield you from the elements, as a car would. They can travel greater distances on a single charge, with the Rascal Pioneer managing up to 35 miles! The Vita X can even go off-road, thanks to its suspension, chunky tyres, front and rear bumpers, as well as its powerful motor!

Because they’re road legal, these scooters need taxing- but don’t worry, we’ll take care of that for you.

*Could you be exempt from paying VAT for a mobility scooter?

If you have a long-lasting, disabling condition or illness, you’re probably exempt from paying VAT (Value Added Tax- 20% of the product’s value) on most mobility products such as a mobility scooter. You don’t have to be registered as disabled. Simply complete a few details including a declaration of why you are exempt either at the checkout on our online shop or in our stores, and we’ll take care of the rest.

A Big Thank You from South Yorkshire Chaplaincy & Listening Service

As part of our company’s 60th anniversary celebrations, we wanted to give something back to the wider community. We chose South Yorkshire Chaplaincy & Listening Service because of the work they do in our local communities, supporting people with the different challenges they face.

The Power Of Talking

Often, simply having someone to talk to can relieve a great weight from someone’s mind. Being listened to in a safe space, without judgement, can be a tonic for the soul. Whether it’s emotional, mental health or spiritual support someone needs, they offer a range of both formal and informal appointments, in a variety of settings. People can access support quickly and easily within their community, in a context they are comfortable with.

This confidential service is also something our staff can access. So who better than to raise funds for so that they can continue to do the great work they do.


To coincide with our 60th ‘birthday party’ in July, a luxury raffle was held. With help from businesses and manufacturers we work with, some of the amazing prizes on offer included theatre tickets and hotel stays. Tickets were bought by C&P staff to raise funds which was boosted by an anonymous donation of a whopping £500!

The raffle was drawn as Clark & Partners staff and their families celebrated six decades with a summer party at a local venue. Amongst the eating, dancing and music supplied by the band, there was even an appearance by Meatloaf (our seating, wheelchair and scooter specialist, Martin, dusted off the long wig he wore as a Meatloaf tribute act before turning his back on the limelight and coming to work with us).

Our retail assistant Katrina bagged a night’s stay in Leeds with tickets to see the critically acclaimed ‘Everyone’s Talking About Jamie’. Our newest member of the Service Team, Jayne, enjoyed a stay Wrea Head Hall in Scarborough.

Jayne loved the stunning surroundings of Wrea Head Hall.

Altogether, an impressive £2,650 was raised for South Yorkshire Chaplaincy and Listening Service to help them continue to do their valuable work. We’d like to thank all of our staff and their families, as well as the companies that donated raffle prizes, for their generosity.

To find out more about how you can support SYCLS, or to access their services, click here to be taken to their website.

Oreyt Orgreave!

Located in Handsworth, Sheffield, our Orgreave store is nestled in the Orgreave industrial estate. It’s our second Sheffield mobility shop, the other one being at Gleadless. Unlike our Gleadless store- or any of our other three stores- the Orgreave site also has a car adaptations garage. Whilst we’ve had a site on this industrial estate since 2009, we only moved into our current building (just a stone’s throw from our old premises) in 2021.

With its own car park, its easy to access. There’s plenty of space to test drive mobility scooters or a powered wheelchair. Both are available on the Motability scheme for those who qualify. Using this scheme, customers can spread the cost of their motorised equipment, with servicing, repairs and aftercare included! It also extends to bigger ‘motors’. Our car adaptations garage on the site can customise new and existing vehicles to make them work better for you- whether that’s making them easier to drive or transport your mobility equipment.

What else can you get at this Sheffield mobility shop?

From small, handy gadgets like the ‘Coin Key’ (a token that fits in to the pound coin slot of a shopping trolley, but with an easy-to-grip handle to make it easier to grasp), to king-size beds, the friendly customer advisors can find the mobility solution for you.

Home-wise, as well as beds, there’s lots of products to make your home work better for you. From the bathroom to the kitchen, you’ll find what you need. One of our favourites is the CCN Bathlift that allows people to continue using their bath even when getting in and out becomes tricky. We also love the Uccello Tipping Kettle that guarantees pouring hot water confidently and safely every time.

Where better to enjoy your cuppa than in a comfy chair with your feet up. In the Orgreave showroom, you’ll find a wide range of high-seated and rise and recline chairs. Pick from different fabrics and leathers, and whether it’s a single, dual or quad-motor riser recliner.

If you’ve already looked at the seating range on our website, you might have seen that not all of our chairs are available to buy online. That’s because we’d prefer our customers to be sure they’ve got the right chair for them. Buying the wrong chair- or any mobility product- can sometimes do more harm than good. That’s why it’s a good idea to come and visit our Orgreave store, or any of our others that might be more local to you.

Sales Director Debbie explains how we go about finding the ideal rise and recline chair for our customers.

Wheely Good!

Similarly, we’ve got a great range of self-propelled (the user moves themselves along) and transit (pushed by an attendant) wheelchairs in this store. Again, some are available to buy online, but others require an assessment before buying. This is because we’re trusted member of the British Healthcare Trades Association and so follow their ethical policies. These wheelchairs can only be bought in stores or we can arrange for our wheelchair, seating and scooter specialist, Martin, to carry out a home visit!

In fact, we’ve got a range of specialists based at our Orgreave Head Office who can visit your home to carry out an assessment. Simon can call round to measure up and discuss the best stairlift options, whilst Richard’s job is to find access solutions such as modular ramp systems and outdoor lifts.

Martin, Simon and Richard outside our Orgreave store with a modular ramp system.

To arrange a home assessment, call 0114 2293388. Or to try out some of our large selection of independent living aids, call in to our Orgreave showroom Monday-Saturday between 10am and 4pm.

Test Driving the Pride Colt Sport and the S425 Road Scooters- Watch the Video

Debbie and Martin test drove two of their favourite road scooters: The Pride Colt Sport and the Sterling S425. Both scooters are road legal, with top speeds up to 8 miles per hour. They have great range on a single battery charge and can handle rougher terrain.

Leaving Hospital: Making Your Home Work For You

It’s such a relief to be in your own home after a hospital stay. But leaving hospital can also be daunting when you begin thinking about if your home still works for you. Our handy guide goes through some of the products that can make life at home that bit easier if your mobility has been affected. It looks at the best products to help maintain your independence.


Unless you already live in a bungalow, you may find that stairs become a challenge if you have reduced mobility. A stairlift is a simple solution to allow a person to use all parts of their house even when stairs can pose a problem. Virtually all staircase can accommodate a stairlift, even if it isn’t straight or has landings part way up! If you’re in Derbyshire or Yorkshire, we’d carry out a free home survey to see which stairlift is right for you and even keep some straight stairlifts in stock, meaning they can be in your home even quicker. Stairs with bends or turns require curved rails. These are made to measure and take a little longer.  To arrange a no-obligation assessment call 0114 2293388.

Bath Lift

The wonderful benefits of a nice, warm bath can sometimes be one of the first things sadly affected by mobility. A bath can often help with the issues associated with reduced mobility, yet getting in and out of the bath can be the greatest hurdle. The CCN Bath Lift is designed for comfort and safety to allow users to relax in their own bath.

It’s an incredibly light, battery-powered reclining bath lift. Just the touch of a button, gently lowers users into the bath for bathing and relaxation then raises them again to aid safely getting out. The CCN Bath Lift’s market-leading backrest reclines to 50° allowing a greater hip-to-back sitting angle for increased comfort. The front cut-out in the seat improves access for personal hygiene. An emergency stop button is incorporated into the hand control for optimal safety. A simple, user-friendly jack plug connection to the charger ensures ease of use.

Shower Chairs and Stools

Maybe you don’t have a bath, but have a shower tray or wet room. We’ve taken the hassle out of standing to shower after leaving hospital. If you’re unstable on your feet or find standing for longer periods of time tiring, a shower stool or chair could be the solution. Our vast range means you’re sure to find the solution for you.

We have height adjustable stools and chairs, ones with backs and ones with arms. We have bath seats that can be fixed to the wall, as well as ones that can be moved or even folded up. They make bathing and showering safer and easier. We even have perching stools that are higher to allow the user to shower seated but without having to sit down in a low seat. Others have rotating seats that allow you to turn and reach easily.


One of the most unnerving things when a person’s mobility has been affected is the thought of getting to the toilet in time. Even more unnerving is the thought of going to the bathroom during the night. It’s dark and you’ve been laid still possibly for hours and suddenly you’ve got to navigate the bedroom and bathroom.

Something as simple as a commode can help relieve this anxiety. Go to the toilet discreetly and comfortably wherever. Replace the lid and seat and the commode appears to be a chair- great if space if is a premium. We even have folding ones if you need the option of more space or prefer to store it away until needed. There’s also a height-adjustable commode that can be tailored to the user for even more reassurance.

Surgery Recovery Kit

Everything you need in one handy kit and one low price!

Helping Hands are here to well…offer a helping hand! They’ve thought of everything you might need if you’re recovering from hip replacement surgery, although we think this handy kit could be useful to lots of people recovering from many types of surgery or after leaving hospital. Eliminating the need to strain or bend down, the kit includes an extra-long handled shoe-horn, a reacher and a long-handled toe washer. As well as the shoe horn as a dressing aid, there’s also a Soxon. ‘Load’ it with your socks before dropping it down to your feet with the long handles. Place your foot in the neck of the sock, between the soft cushioned sides of the Soxon, before pulling the handles upwards to pull the sock over your foot.

The kit also includes a waterproof cast/dressing protector. Whilst you can buy all of these products in our online shop separately, buying them as a kit saves you money.

Buy Online Or Instore

We know that if you’ve just left hospital ‘popping to the shops’ might be the last thing on your mind. It might also prove too tricky. Except for the stairlift, where we will come to your home and carry out a no-obligation assessment, all of these products are available to buy online. Shop from the comfort of your home and have them delivered to your door. However, if you’d prefer to browse or have someone who could go to one of our shops on your behalf, there are four to choose from. Our mobility shops are based at Gleadless (Sheffield), Orgreave (Sheffield), Wickersley (Rotherham) and Allestree (Derby).

Welcome to Wickersley!

Clark & Partners’ Rotherham Mobility Shop

Based at the Tanyard Shopping Centre in Wickersley, our Rotherham mobility shop has been serving the mobility needs of the people of surrounding Rotherham and Sheffield since 2016. It’s one of three stores we have in South Yorkshire.

Situated in the pleasant shopping precinct on Bawtry Road, there’s accessible parking just outside the door. Inside this airy open-plan showroom, you’ll be greeted by Emma and Caroline. They’re there to serve customers between 10am and 4 pm, Monday to Saturday.

Rotherham Mobility Shop
The Tanyard Shopping Centre with Accessible Parking (Image: Google Maps)

Inside you’ll also find a great range of products that make mobility easier. From simple products to make life at home that bit easier, to eight-miles-per-hour road-worthy mobility scooters! But whether it’s a no-frills shower stool or electric profiling bed, our staff pride themselves on only selling customers something that’s spot on for them.

Rotherham Mobility Shop
Products for getting out and about and for in the home

Get Out And About

To help those with reduced mobility get out and about, our Rotherham mobility shop has a variety of solutions. They stock walking sticks and rollators/tri-walkers for customers who need that bit of extra support walking. If walking proves tricky, Wickersley have plenty of options. Emma and Caroline can show you wheelchairs that the user can propel themselves. Alternatively, transit wheelchairs that are pushed by an attendant.

If you’re looking to get from A to B a bit quicker, they can advise you on the best mobility scooter for you. There are different scooter types depending on what you’re going to be using it for. Boot scooters are smaller scooters that can be easily taken apart to be loaded in to the boot of a car. Prices start from just £695! Folding scooters go one step further. They fold to a compact size that makes them even easier to store. Many have lightweight lithium batteries that mean they’re approved for taking on aeroplanes.

Need a scooter that’s a bit more substantial? We can help with that too. With more generous seating, leg room and range, Pavement and Road scooters could be just the ticket. Drive both on pavements at speeds up to four miles-per-hour, or hit a switch and travel at eight miles-per-hours with a Road scooter. These are particularly good if you use your mobility scooter as your main vehicle. Some are even available with canopies to protect you from the elements, like the Breeze S4 (below).

Make Your Home Work Better For You

They say an Englishman’s home is their castle. That’s because our home’s are so precious to us, from the comfort they bring to the memories that have been made there. But sometimes, as we get older or the scope of our mobility changes, our homes might need some additions to make them work better for us.

Whether it’s being able to pour a hot drink confidently or being able to put your feet up in front of the TV, the ladies can give you all the information you need before you make a decision. Emma’s one of the newest members of the Clark & Partners, having been with us for around a year, learning all there is to know about our product range. Here’s Emma explaining the benefits of her favourite rise and recline chair, shortly after joining the team.

Emma looks at what you should consider when buying a riser recliner chair.

If enjoying your own home more means making your home more accessible, our Wickersley team can even discuss investing in a stairlift. A stairlift is a simple and effective way to make the most of your home. Whether you’re thinking of a stairlift to avoid moving to a single-level property or you’re just looking to the future, we can help. Arrange a free, no-obligation home assessment from our friendly stairlift specialist. Simply pop in to the Tanyard Shopping Centre showroom, or give them a call: 01709 547402. Or, if you’d prefer, get in touch via email at . The store is open from 10am-4pm Monday to Saturday.

Your Local Mobility Shop

They’re happy to answer any of queries about any of our products, not just stairlifts. Also, as well as helping you find the right product, they’re on hand to offer advice on spreading the cost of your new purchase. If what you’re looking for has wheels and a motor (including powered wheelchairs), you may be eligible for the Motability scheme. If you qualify for the higher rate of disability allowance, the scheme can not only help you finance your purchase, but maintain and repair it, too! We’re pleased to announce that, as of recently, all four of our stores offer Snap! Finance* on products between £250 and £5,000.

Whatever your needs, Wickersley will off you a warm welcome and impartial advice. We look forward to seeing you soon!

*T&Cs apply

Mobility specialist Clark & Partners scoots to aid visitors to Wentworth Woodhouse

That’s wheely kind!

By Jo Davison

A South Yorkshire mobility specialist has donated two mobility scooters to give disabled and elderly visitors greater freedom to explore at Wentworth Woodhouse.

The battery-powered scooters can cover up to 16 miles and can cope with stone and wooden floors on the Grade I listed Rotherham mansion’s ground floor, plus gravel paths and lawns in the grounds.

They have been gifted to Wentworth Woodhouse Preservation Trust by Handsworth-headquartered Clark and Partners, which is celebrating its 60th anniversary next month.

The mobility specialist decided to donate the scooters after touring the house and learning about the Trust’s determination to become one of the most inclusive and accessible visitor destinations in the country.

“When we heard about its mission we immediately decided we wanted to help,” explained Sales and Marketing Director Debbie Ashton. “Its objectives are in line with our ethos of helping people with disabilities, and mobility issues in older age, to keep their freedom, confidence and independence. We realised how difficult it must be for someone who relies on a scooter to get around the house and gardens and decided to donate two vehicles.”

Added Debbie: “Our shareholders live in Rotherham, we employ 39 staff from the local area and our MD Paul Bennett once worked on the wider Wentworth Estate, shadowing the gamekeeper. We love Wentworth Woodhouse and are proud to support it.”

Clark and Partners began as car repairers, went on to specialise in adapting disability cars and became wholly focused on mobility following a management buy out in 2019. Its four stores in Sheffield, Rotherham and Derby and online shop supply mobility equipment ranging from daily living aids to powered wheelchairs, home lifts and hoists. The company also provides a start-to-finish home adaptation consultancy service to enable clients to stay at home.

The One Rehab Vantage scooters, which retail from £1,575 each, will be available to hire for free. People interested in using one can contact info@wentworthwoodhouse

Sarah McLeod, Wentworth Woodhouse Preservation Trust’s CEO, commented. “We are very grateful for this very generous gift from Clark and Partners. It means people with mobility challenges who may not have been able to visit us can now plan to do so. It can be very difficult to transport your own mobility scooter; we will now have two charged up and waiting.

“The scooters are a great boost to the Preservation Trust, which is working hard to make Wentworth Woodhouse as welcoming and accessible as possible for everyone who works, visits or volunteers here.

There are many improvements we want to make, including the addition of a lift to our first and upper floors, which we need so badly. We plan to start fundraising for this in the near future.”

Wentworth Woodhouse visitor Hilary Bullock, 85, of Dronfield, was asked to ‘test drive’ the scooters when they arrived, along with Lucy Nadin, the Trust’s Front of House officer. Commented Hilary, whose daughter Gillian is founder of AccessibleUK: “My husband was from Blackburn in Rotherham and knew Wentworth Woodhouse well. I love visiting the house and grounds, but I do get tired after walking for a while. I’m so pleased there are now free scooters to use.”

Lucy, of Worsbrough, has the condition Charcot Marie Tooth Disease, which causes muscle wastage in her legs and arms. She said: “The scooters will give me more independence to explore the house and gardens unaccompanied, in my own time. I think it’s great we can now offer this free service to our visitors so that more people will be able to access what Wentworth Woodhouse has to offer.”

Plan your visit to Wentworth Woodhouse by clicking here.

C&P Celebrate 60 Years!

This July family-run Sheffield mobility company Clark & Partners celebrate 60 years of business! With four stores across South Yorkshire and North Derbyshire, as well as their work with local councils and the University of Derby, business has changed quite a bit over the last six decades. This will be celebrated as a team with a garden party in July to mark the occasion.

Starting life as a car repairs garage in 1963, Clark & Partners has evolved to become retailers of a vast range of mobility solutions as well as providers of home adaptations. But how did this dramatic change come about?

Following the inception of the NHS in 1948, the Invalid Mobility Scheme promised to provide free vehicles to those with disabilities, primarily those left with life changing injuries after the Second World War. The year before, Bert Greeves had designed a lightweight carriage for his cousin. Greeves’ company went on to make vehicles for the disabled for the next thirty years, like the Thundersley Invacar Model 70. Clark & Partners were one of the companies given a government contract to maintain these vehicles in addition to doing everything a regular garage did. It was here their journey to becoming mobility specialists began.

Invacar owners rally to protest at the government’s plans to scrap the free vehicle scheme.

Fast forward to now and there is still a garage at Clark & Partners HQ. However, this now focuses on modifying cars to include adaptations that make it easier to drive or be a passenger for those with mobility needs, including the transportation of mobility equipment. But this is just one aspect of a brand that has strived to know all there is to know about products and services that make mobility easy. From simple products like a long-handled shoehorn to whole-home adaptations, they’ve made it their business to know what the customer needs.

Customers are at the forefront of everything at Clark & Partners. There’s no pushy sales pitches and some products they won’t even think about selling online because they believe in personally working with the customer to find the ideal solution for them. Staff have even trained to become Level Four Trusted Assessors to be able to see the customer’s needs in a way that’s closer to how Occupational Therapists see them. Working alongside local councils, they’ve gained unique and increased insight into what people living with disabilities need at home to maintain their independence and dignity.

As a result, as well as mobility aids, Clark & Partners can carry out home modifications. From a simple outdoor ramp to whole property adaptations, they’ve made it their business to know all there is to know. And, reassuringly, how different elements work alongside one another.

Just some of the Clark & Partners team

The focus on getting the customer just what they need is embedded in the company at every level. There are no pushy sales techniques. Shop staff won’t sell a customer so much as a shower stool if it doesn’t fit their requirements! That means the retailers have a vast range of products to ensure they can cater for everyone.

Clark & Partners understand that, given the area they specialise in, not everyone can visit a store to purchase what they need. That’s why, as well as a fantastic range available to buy online and have delivered, they offer free home assessments. Their specialists can visit customers’ homes to discuss the perfect product for them. They can even bring along a scooter or powerchair, for example, for them to try out.

As well as caring about their customers, Clarks care about the wider community. To coincide with turning sixty, they’re raising funds for South Yorkshire Chaplaincy and Listening services. SYCL is a faith-based charity motivated by Christian ethos & values, that aims to provide confidential pastoral care through chaplaincy & listening services. Their services give people the opportunity to talk about the things that are troubling them. Empowering people through listening. C&P Business Manager Donna Bennett explains why SYCL was chosen and how the company are supporting them:

Weathering the storms and riding the waves of life (and business) can leave us feeling tired, vulnerable and in need of a supportive and listening ear. SYCLS provide this in many different working environments across the city, helping individuals and organisations to take time and space to understand and address what may be difficult life circumstances.
We are holding in company staff fund raising such as raffles etc with many prizes being provided by some of the suppliers and manufacturers we work with, who have been super generous in supporting our efforts.
You can help us to encourage the work of this brilliant local charity by donating directly through JustGiving which is simple, fast and totally secure.
Your details are safe with JustGiving – they’ll never sell them on or send unwanted emails. Once you donate, they’ll send your money directly to the charity. So it’s the most efficient way to donate – saving time and cutting costs for the charity.
Click the image to find out more about SYCL.

If you would like to donate to this worthy cause click here to be taken to the Just Giving page.

You can give any of our local stores a call to discuss products or arrange a home assessment:

Gleadless- 0114 239 0610

Orgreave- 0114 229 3391

Wickersley- 01709 547402

Derby- 01332 200 075