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Product Options: Ankle/Foot Cast Protector, Hand/Wrist Cast Protector, Long Arm Cast Protector, Long Leg Cast Protector, Short Arm Cast Protector, Short Leg Cast Protector

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Cast Protector

A reusable and easy-to-use waterproof cast protector- a protective cover for casts (pots) and dressings. These simple but comfortable protectors are ideal for use when bathing and showering. And because they’re reusable, they’re great value and good for the environment.

Choose from Short Arm- 22″, Long Arm- 39″, Short Leg- 23″, Long Leg- 39″, Ankle/Foot- 10″ or Hand- 12″. The Short Arm (560mm) is ideal for casts and dressing up to or below the elbow. The Long Arm (990mm) is able to cover dressing and casts just beneath the shoulder. The Ankle/Foot protector sits around the ankle, whereas the Hand protector sits just above the wrist. The Long Leg version reaches to the top of the thigh, whilst the Short Leg model sits just beneath the knee.

The soft plastic is waterproof and lightweight, as well as being wide enough to go over the most swollen arms. It also has thumb post, meaning the wearer is still able to use their thumb to grip. The soft collar fits snugly around the arm, leg, ankle or wrist keeping the protective cover in place, without being uncomfortable.

Not suitable for use over open or undressed wounds or for swimming. Designed for individual use to avoid cross-contamination.

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