Doorline Neatedge

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Width: 90cm
Inchs: 0.6", 1", 1.4", 2", 3", 4", 5"

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The Doorline Neatedge is a strong and versatile rubber wedge ramp. It can be left in place year-round! Whether walking or on wheels, they make transitions smoother. All at Clark and Partners’ competitive prices.

Made of recycled rubber, it can be moved to where it’s needed. Use them outside or try in a bathroom to ease stepping out of the shower. The Neatedge also features chamfered edges. Because of this, access is easy at any angle.

The Doorline Neatedge  has a soft surface and massive weight bearing ability. Therefore, it makes them ideal for schools and care homes.

Height options range from 1.5cm (0.6ins) to 12cm (5ins). Because we’ve listened to our customers, there are three new sizes for greater choice from 2022. All at Clark and Partners’ competitive prices. Alternatively, cut the ramp to your required size.

For a foldaway solution, click here to check out The Butterfly Ramp to get you over both sides of the threshold

Doorline Neatedges are designed and manufactured in Britain by Enable Access. Enable Access pride themselves on finding solutions for those with mobility issues, helping to provide them with greater independence.

Checkout Enable Access’ handy video giving advice on what to consider when you’re thinking of buying in a ramp.

In summary, Clark and Partners have the solution for you.