Freedomchair AO6L

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The Freedomchair A06L has all the great features of the foldaway, fast A06, but with 14" rear wheels instead of 10" rear wheels.

Manufacturer's description: The Freedom Chair A06 is the most classic model, can be easily folded effortlessly into compact size in just 1 second to fit into your trunk, closet, SUV or just about anywhere. Powerful brush-less motors used in this fast powered wheelchair can run continuously for long periods and require no maintenance. No matter if you are elderly, disabled or just need medical care for some time, you can choose the Freedom Chair for your indoor, outdoor, even travel activity.

Product features

Brushless DC motor is adopted, which has the advantages of low noise, high torque, energy saving, high efficiency, maintenance free and long service life;

Lithium battery new energy is adopted, which has the advantages of high energy density, long service life and environmental protection;

The brushless special intelligent controller is adopted, which has the advantages of easy and free operation and accurate positioning;

It adopts foldable multi link frame structure (patented by the company), which has the advantages of fast folding, safety and reliability, simple operation, small and portable;

This product is mainly composed of frame, wheel, seat, armrest, battery, motor and controller. It is powered by lithium battery. The motion speed and direction of wheelchair are controlled by rocker controller and left and right brushless motors.

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