Hip Replacement Recovery Kit

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Hip Replacement Recovery Kit

Reaching, stretching, and bending can be challenging and difficult after hip replacement surgery. We have put together a range of essential tools into one handy recovery kit. But it’s not just for people who have had their hip replaced. This kit is ideal for anyone with a limited range of movement, or recovering after surgery, injury, or arthritis.

Our surgery recovery kit helps you to reach high or low, put your socks and shoes on, wash yourself with dignity and get dressed one handed. Whilst reducing the amount you need to bend.


A Soxon Sock Aid: Place a stock or stocking over end of the Soxon, before dropping it to the floor. Place the foot between the soft pads and use the long handles to gently and independently pull your sock or stocking over the foot.

Extra Long Handled Shoe Horn: Ease feet into shoes without the need to bend down.

Reacher: Reach things around you or pick things up from the floor without bending or twisting.

Contoured Long Handled Washer: Contoured to allow access to harder to reach, narrow areas like between toes. Wash independently without having to over-stretch.

Waterproof Cover: Protect sore or broken skin, stitches and dressings from water and soap products.

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