Oxford In Situ Hammock Style Sling

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Oxford In Situ Hammock Style Sling

The Oxford In-Situ hammock style sling is suitable for fitting from the recumbent position. Made from a cushioned 3D woven ‘Spacer’ material and with a seamless leg section, this sling offers high levels of comfort and can be left in place under the patient following suitable risk assessment. The integrated pommel provides greater patient safety. When left beneath the patient, the straps can be tucked away in to the integrated pockets.

Unlike many slings, this hammock-style sling can be used with amputees (following assessment).

Not suitable for toileting, but can be used for seated or recumbent lifting. Use with Joerns Oxford Passive Hoists. Suitable for use in a range of settings including the care home, hospitals and residential home.

Click here to view the Oxford In-Situ Hammock Style Sling brochure. Find out more about mobile hoists and standing aids.