P001 Roma Wheelchair Power Pack

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The P001 Power Pack unit is intended to be an aid to attendants or carers whilst pushing a wheelchair user. It is not designed as an accessory to enable a manual wheelchair perform as a power wheelchair. Please take note of the information contained within this manual to ensure the unit is operated as intended and used within the design parameters. Surfaces The unit operates at its best on textured surfaces such as tarmac. It is possible that use on polished or tiled floors (especially when wet) may not provide the friction between the wheels and drive surface to enable the powerpack to transfer its full driving ability. General Use The powerpack is not designed to be used on soft surfaces (sand etc.) or in long grass. Avoid driving the unit through puddles as this may damage the electronics. Do not leave the unit outside during rain showers – always store in a dry area. Do not carry bags on the handles as this may interfere with the operation of the powerpack.

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