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Delivery is what others call white glove service, which means we will deliver, set up and tested ready for you to use. We will explain and go through the product with you before we leave. You do not have to save packaging, it will not be left at the kerbside, you will not have to put it together yourself.

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Pocket sprung mattress for adjustable beds are one of the most comfortable mattresses. The effective design that provides high levels of comfort and support where it’s needed most.

They are designed to contour with your body and are constructed of numerous individual springs that move independently, giving an exceptional amount of support and cushioning. However, traditionally sprung mattresses consist of a few large springs meaning larger areas of the body are affected in a way that’s not required or comfortable.

A pocket sprung mattress uses these individual springs to respond to everyone’s individual body weight, increasing their usability and comfort. This, coupled with the profiling action of your adjustable bed, helps you find your perfect position to relax. They’re available in six of the most popular widths, so you’re likely to find the right width for you. Choose from: 2ft 3″, 2ft 6″, 3ft, 4ft 6″, 5ft and 6ft.

For added longevity these mattresses can be flipped both horizontally and vertically.

For even greater comfort and pressure relief, check out our Kensington Luxury Pocket Sprung Mattress with memory foam layer.

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