Q500 M Sedeo Pro Wheelchair

Product Code: Q500 M Pro

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Product Specification

Colour: Variety
Max User Weight: 160kg
Book Home Demo: Yes
Seat Depth: 400mm - 560mm
Seat Height: 415mm - 490mm
Seat Width: 380mm - 560mm
Service Contacts: Single Service £160.00. 2 Year Service contract £285. 3 Year service contract £420
Warranty: RTB / 12 month

RTB / 12 month
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Q500 M Sedeo Pro Wheelchair

The new Quickie Q500® M Sedeo Pro Wheelchair base balances exceptional indoor manoeuvrability with superb outdoor performance and modern styling. All of this combined with the benefits of the highly adjustable and fully configurable Sedeo® Pro seating and the most advanced controls, creates the perfect powerchair for any adventure. The improved suspension system delivers a more responsive, firm and comfortable ride. The mid-wheel drive position means it can turn on its own axis so has a small turning circle, ideal for compact spaces.

Completely personalise your experience with this powered wheelchair. Choose the speed it reaches as well as its range with a 80Ah battery available.

Tackle kerbs without barely noticing. The suspension absorbs bumps and corner turns with ease. Maximum traction is maintained at all times. All this whilst providing a comfortable ride. Quickie’s intuitive anti-pitch technology maintains a safe driving position even on slopes.

The supple back cushion moulds to your shape to deliver unique positioning and comfort.  The frame can be adjusted quickly and easily with a single tool if needed. Power elevating legrests can also be added to achieve a comfortable sleeping position. Choose from a range of SEDEO and WHITMYER headrests and add flip-back armrests for easier transfers.

Control not only your chair, but your environment with the state-of-the-art controller. Connect up to four devices including your TV and mobile phone.

Watch the rugged and robust Q500 series in action- click here.