Somersby Rise and Recline Chair

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All Somersby fabric models are fitted with Mammoth Medical Grade™ Foam Seating Technology as standard. We offer all Somersby models with either supportive foam back cushions or fibre back cushions for those wanting a softer sit. Power models are fitted with handsets, power button is available by request. An adjustable headrest option is available on all Somersby Dual Motor Riser Recliner models (handset only). Rise and Recline Insurance and Accidental Damage Cover A rise and recline chair is an investment and can be an absolute necessity for some. That’s why we offer Mark Bates Ltd. Insurance and Accidental Damage Cover packages to ensure your rise and recline chair is always meeting your needs-  click here for full details and prices of the Insurance with Accidental Damage Cover and Accidental Damage Cover includes. Accidental Damage cover is included as standard with the Insurance. Alternatively, click here for the details of what is and isn't included in the In- Home Insurance and Accidental Damage Cover packages. Visit any of our shops - Rise & Recline Chairs

Product Specification

Colour: Various
Size: Grande, Petite, Standard
Height: Grande 44", Petite 40", Standard 42"
Width: Grande 33", Petite 30.5", Standard 30.5"

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