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Quickie hybrid handbike.

Quickie Attitude Hybrid Handbike

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The Attitude Hybrid Handbike from Quickie attaches to the front of the Helium, Argon 2 or Life R wheelchairs to help you achieve an active lifestyle. The handbike is also available in Manual, which gives you the freedom to exercise, improving strength, stamina and cardio. The other option is Power, a 100% powered propulsion handbike, which gives you the freedom to ride.

The Attitude Hybrid combines all the benefits of manual cycling with reliability of powered propulsion. The powered motor can be engaged if you encounter a tricky hill climb or need extra support. This function can reduce fatigue. The Hybrid is easy to dock and undock to and from your wheelchair and it's lightweight for excellent performance. You can manoeuvre with just one hand with the ergonomic handle.

The handbikes can be purchased separately, however, if you buy along with the Helium, Argon 2 or Life R wheelchairs, you can save money.

As featured on Read the review online: says that "The freedom the Quickie Hybrid offers is one of its strongest attributes; but its ease of use, superior design and clever docking system should not go unappreciated either."

Watch the Attitude in action:

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Base price £3200. Different options and extras vary in price. This product, along with Manual and Power options, isn't available to purchase through the website, as it requires an assessment, to check that you get the right handbike and that it fits your wheelchair. Our specialists can carry out an assessment at a time to suit you. We can then provide a free, no obligation quote. Call us to book a free assessment on 0114 229 3374.

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