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Level 4 Trusted Assessor, A holistic approach to adapting the home

There are numerous specialist providers of care products and equipment, such as hoists, accessible showering, stairlift, vertical lifts and much more. Each of them a specialist in their area of expertise. We are one of these specialists. We offer all the above products and services plus much more.

As Level 4 Trusted Assessors we are trained, qualified, and experienced in taking the time to listen to the needs and lifestyles of each of our clients. We take a holistic approach to understanding how you live in your homes, what care you require and how everything will work together in ‘real life’. 

“It’s one thing considering a solution in isolation, it’s a level above to view the situation as a whole – but that’s what we do”. Said Debbie Ashton, Sales and Marketing Director. “To deliver the best results for our clients we really like to find out more about them and their day-to-day lives. This is so we ensure we provide the right solutions to make their lives easier as well as full use and access to their home. We don’t sell a product or service the client needs to meet an immediate issue without taking in to account longer term requirements”.

Take our recent visit to Mr Smith for example (a real client however we have changed their name for privacy reasons).

We arranged to visit Mr Smith to carry out a pre-install visit for a Geberit Mera wash dry toilet we were due to fit upon the completion of a ground floor extension which included a level access shower (LAS) and a bedroom. 

We provided the builder on site with guidance for the required services.  From experience we know that pre-install visits at the right stage in the project are critical. These visits help avoid costly complications and delays. No-one wants to hear “you’re too late” when stopping issues with the build. The visits ensure a smooth install whether it be a Mera, a vertical lift or a hoist. 

Mr Smith was not on site during our visit, but family members were. We provided general advice on the installation of the Mera, how access was planned for the LAS and discussed what other equipment was to be fitted. 

To cut a long story short we discovered… 

The good news was the timing of our visit meant the builder could accommodate our recommended changes with relatively little inconvenience. Without our visit or recommendations Mr Smith would have had to try live with the issues or have them fixed after completion. Thankfully, both of these options were avoided.

We also acted as the Occupation Therapists (OT) eyes on site. (We sent the OT our report immediately after the visit). Details matter! As Trusted Assessors with long experience and the benefit of working alongside perhaps hundreds of OTs we take the holistic “all round” approach to identify issues before they become problems and provide solutions to benefit our clients’ day-to-day lives.

If you would like to discuss the requirements you have for your home or explore you’re your options are to adjust your home to meet your needs please call us on 0114 229 3388 and our team will be happy to help.