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Fixed and Mobile Hoists

Hoists are used for the transportation of users to enable smooth movement around the home, such as from a bed to a wheelchair. They become an essential part of home equipment for those unable to weight bear and require assistance moving around the home. Our hoists are available as fixed track systems and mobile.


A fixed track system fixes to the ceiling and is secured and tested to confirm its lifting capacity and safety. A track is fitted and the hoist attached which can run along the track and up and down. Having a ceiling track hoist reduces the requirement for manual lifting using a sling and working in conjunction with other equipment such as wheelchairs and beds to move a user around the home. Customer will often have more than one hoist in their home to enable support in various rooms of the home. Fixed hoists are available in a range of configuration from short straight tracks to complex routes with beds and room changes.

A mobile hoist is one which can be used around the home on wheels, working in the same way as a ceiling hoist they are designed to transfer users from one area to another such as chair to bed. They are mobile and on wheels able to move around the home through doors and corridors.

Working with healthcare professionals such as occupational therapists we help find solutions for your home. For all hoists we would visit the home and survey the property and with the OT assess the user. Then discussing the options available and how we can help solve any issues currently in the home with moving and handling.


Looking after a hoist at home ensures it’s in correct working order and in line with LOLER regulations when being used in a care setting will need to be tested for its lifting capacity and capability. We offer a range of service contracts from 1 to 3 years to help maintain equipment.