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Mobility Solutions

Mobility solutions include complete adaptations to your home to help achieve accessibility inside the home from stairlifts to level access showering.

When out and about we offer a range of Mobility equipment from scooters to prescriptive wheelchairs.

We specialise in finding solutions and provide an all-inclusive service often supporting multi product projects.

Adapting Your Home

There are many ways to improve the accessibility of your home from getting up and down stairs, accessing steps at the front door to fully accessible bathing. Adapting your home to meet new or growing requirements can be done with a range of adaptations, not all of them are permanent fixtures. Our product range below shows the equipment available to provide assistance and solve mobility access issues. Our services include –

  • Expert industry and product knowledge
  • Home and property feasibility proposals
  • Product assessments
  • Joint assessments
  • Complete Installation
  • Premium product aftercare


To help keep you mobile we offer a range of equipment including –

Prescriptive Wheelchairs

Our range brings products from leading manufacturers to offer you the most up to date equipment with technology and style. We are product experts and with a specialist assessment we can help find the right manual, active user or powered wheelchair to suit your specific needs.

To book a free home assessment call us on 0114 2293388


All the mobility scooters we offer can be found in your local store, where you can get expert advice from our in store assistants. Information about these can also be found in on our online store, here you can get lots of the product information and specifications.

Driving Adaptions

We are experts in adapting your car to keep you driving, from pedal extensions to hand controls. We also provide equipment support for transporting your scooter or wheelchair, with hoists and roof boxes for example.

With all our Mobility solutions we recommend having a product demonstration and/or a product assessment to ensure product suitability and compatibility.

Click below to see our Mobility Solutions

Why chose Clark & Partners

Whether your project is a home adaptation or you are looking for a wheeled mobility solution we know the importance of getting it right. From start to finish you will only work with a member of the Clark & Partners team. Our team share our core values for achieving the best outcome for customers. We believe that only using our own team members enhances this.

Enjoying what we do has allowed us to engross ourselves into learning and becoming experts on the products that we offer as well as the wider implications of these particularly with property adaptations where additional construction knowledge and awareness is required.

We have chosen to work with a limited number of leading innovative manufacturers to bring you arrange of products which are current, practical and reliable.  

We care and we are passionate about helping our customers achieve their goals our aim is not only to find your solution but make the journey as smooth and as stress free as possible. And we are still here once your project is finished, for any queries, to provide regular maintenance and in the unlikely event of a breakdown.

Our Customers

We are happy to work with private clients as well as a range of professionals including Occupational Therapists, Local Authorities, Case Managers and Architects.


We provide a wide range of equipment and products to support access in and around the home. Our range includes stairlifts, modular & temporary ramping, level access showering, changing benches and indoor and outdoor lifts and hoists.  

Trusted Assessors

We are proud to be accredited Trusted Assessors and are able to assess your needs with a holistic approach to your needs as well as considering product and practicality.

Complete Adaptations

Home adaptations are completed from survey to installation by a member of the C&P team. Our team will assess, survey feasibility and suggest options, our installation team will complete the job and our aftercare team are on hand for if and when you need them.


In addition to home adaptations we can support your mobility requirements with our range of Rise & Recline Chairs and Beds, Scooters, Wheelchairs and Powered Wheelchairs.


Our head office location is based in Sheffield and we offer assessment regionally within Yorkshire and North Derbyshire. Staying local allows us to offer the best possible aftercare to our customers.

Our Customers

We work with a variety of different customers include Private individuals, Case Management companies, Occupational Therapists and other healthcare professionals.

Indoor vertical lift installation
Hoist installation

Adapting your home – Customer queries?

Customers have many questions when we are discussing an adaptation in their home. Here are some of the most popular queries –

Will there be a lot of mess when you fit the vertical lift in my living room?

Cutting an aperture in the dividing level between the ground floor and room above means there will be some level of ‘muck and dust’. Our team take all possible care to protect the environment with protective sheeting, all ‘muck’ created is taken away and the aperture left clean and tidy ready for the installation of the lift. The lift installation itself creates minimal mess.

How many people will be in my home?

Depending on the type of work we are doing there can be up to a team of 4 people in your home. Some installations such as straight stairlifts can be completed by one person. Other installations such as ramps may require 3 or 4 people to ensure smooth and safe install.

Do your installers all work for Clark & Partners, or do you use contractors?

There are two instances where we would require the additional support of a contractor who is not employed by Clark & Partners.

First would be a structural engineer. Some projects, such as vertical lift installations, can require additional structural support and we would require the assistance of a qualified specialist to advise us.

Secondly would be our wet room floor fitter, most level access bathing requires a non-slip Polysafe floor. On these projects we also enlist the help of a specialist to ensure the floor is laid to precise requirements.  

We have worked with both extended team members for many years and have a well established and trusted relationship with them.

All other works are carried out by a member of the Clark & Partners team.

How long does an installation take?

This one is easier to answer when we talk project and product specific, as each project can vary widely. A stairlift for example can usually be fitted in less than a day but a vertical lift is likely to require at least 3 days.