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How are you managing your stairs at the moment?

Deciding to fit a stairlift is a decision often based on the practicalities of safely getting upstairs, responding to the concerns of family and friends and the process of recognising the need to make life easier and safer. It is often the step which enables people to remain independent, and remain in their own home safely. 

Sometimes the need for a stairlift comes after an event such as a fall or injury or perhaps the concern that one could occur. 

We offer a range of stairlifts. The decision needs to consider important factors such as suitability of your staircase, your personal needs and limitations, your budget and preferred style. We offer a range of stairlifts from leading manufacturers such as Stannah, Access BDD and Bruno. We hold the Stannah Certificate of Excellence. 

Most staircases will accommodate a stairlift but we would always provide a home survey to ensure its suitability and to make sure it’s the right option for you. 

We keep a range of straight stairlifts in stock to offer fast installation timescales these are ideal for standard straight staircases. Stairs with bends or turns require curved rails. These are made to measure and take a little longer.  

Which Stairlift do I need?

Depending on the shape of the staircase will decide if you need a curved or straight stairlift.  Options after this are mostly about user requirements, for example those with limited mobility may require an automatic swivel at either the top or bottom of the stairs rather than a manual one. Some considerations in the home such as a doorway at the very bottom of the stairs would require a retractable hinge to remove the obstruction when the lift is not in use. All these would be discussed during your home assessment. 

Will a stairlift fit my stairs?

Most staircases will accommodate a stairlift. Occasions where this may not happen can include the width of the staircase being to narrow. Is it wide enough to allow a customer in a sitting position with a stairlift (customers height depending) to go up and down without their knees touching either the opposite wall or a newel post. Enough space must be available to allow the user to travel safely. 

Even in these cases we are often able to find a stairlift to fit. 

How will a I get upstairs if a stairlift won’t fit?

When a stairlift simply wont fit we would our next option would be an indoor vertical lift, we would discuss these options with you at the survey. 

Stairlift Aftercare

Once you have had a stairlift installed its best to keep it regularly serviced to maximise reliability.

We offer a range of packages to help you look after your lift, from annual servicing, to Complete Care Packages.