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Westbury rise and recline chair


Rise & recline chairs, specialist seating, high seat chairs and accessories


Our stores are packed full of a wide range of rise & recline chairs, high seat chairs and specialist seating and accessories. We have stores in Sheffield, Rotherham and Derby, making us your local seat specialists. We aim to help achieve good posture with correct seating. Our range is comfortable, supportive and stylish.

Rise & recline chairs

For when support, safety and comfort is required at home, a rise and recline chair is a great option. Our range is large and varied. We work with local and leading manufacturers and are proud to work with fellow Sheffield-based brand, Mulberry upholstery. Their made to measure Avon chair can be bespoke to suit your particular sizing and specification.

Some chairs come in standard sizing options whilst others can be made bespoke. Getting the right size chair is important, and we measure for every chair we supply. An ill fitting chair can affect your sitting position and could result in discomfort and problems caused by pressure points.

We recommend visiting our stores where you can try our range of chairs and talk through the options available. Some back styles are more comfortable than others whilst dual or single motor chairs can help reach optimum positions. You can also see the large range of fabric and colour options available.

High seat & fireside chairs  

With no electrical support or options, fireside chairs are a maintenance free and option for supportive seating. With a straight, upright back, they have a small range of cushioning choices and sizing, fabric and colour options. Our range have wooden arms which provide sturdy support when moving from sitting to standing.

Specialist Seating

Achieving a good postural position can be aided by tiny movements in your position, this can be assisted by a correct fitting chair. Our range of specialist seating includes a variety of chairs which are designed to support and improve posture whilst sitting, but also being comfortable and easy to use.

Additional features in specialist seating can help when seated for longer periods. Pressure relieving additions in cushioning- from foam to gel- can give support to those at risk of pressure sores, whilst pressure relieving outer materials that stretch and breath, are also great for easy cleaning.

Assessments for these chairs are carried out at home with our seating specialist; we can talk you through all the options available and ensure the right chair is provided.

Seating in store

We recommend visiting one of our stores where you can try a large range of chairs which can help you decide what is right for you. Our range in store shows all the different sizing options available, which is key to achieving comfort. Plus, using a range of manufacturers allows us to offer you a variety of styles.

We have a variety of different back styles available such as waterfall, lumbar support and button back. Choosing a back option is based on your preference and which feels the most comfortable- another great reason to try these in store.

There’s also a selection of arm and wing styles. For example, some chairs have knuckles at the end of the armrests: this aids when getting in and out of the chair. Arm styles can differ between chairs, some are traditional and some more modern. The same with the chair sides or wings; these can be different shapes depending on the chair you chose.

And we have a large range of fabric swatches so you can see all the colour, design, pattern and material choices there are available

Motor Options

We can also talk you through the different motor options and you can try these on the chairs to get hands-on with how they operate. Then, we can show you the range of fabric options for each chair as well as discuss the delivery options available. Some chairs can be taken away from the store, or delivered from stores, whilst some chairs are made to order. But even some of these have speedy delivery timescales.

Dual Motor

Dual motor chairs allow for the back rest and leg rest to move independent of one another, allowing you to recline the back without having to elevate your leg rest. This type of chair gives you many more options for chair positioning.

Single Motor

Single motor chairs move the back rest and leg rest at the same time and therefore have less buttons on the control. It’s therefore easier to use for some. Once the back rest is reclining, the leg rest will elevate at the same time.

Tilt in Space

Some chairs have tilt in space features. This means once you have achieved your preferred position, you can adjust your angle by tilting the chair. This keeps your hips in line and really helps with posture.


Getting the right sized chair is crucial to getting the most out of your chair. Having an ill-fitting chair can lead to postural issues and increased discomfort.


Our stores carry a wide range of chairs which you can try and our store assistants are on hand to offer expert guidance and advice.


Many of our chairs are made to order and are bespoke to fit your specific requirements for comfort and style.

Advice & Guidance

Take a look at our videos below for more information about Rise & Recline chairs