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Our Favourite Footwear For SS23

Spring has well and truly arrived and as we look towards summer, we’ve picked our favourite footwear for the season.

Here at Clark & Partners, we get super excited for the new season’s latest styles. We love seeing leading brands like Sandpiper and Suave launch new shapes and shades of footwear that our customers can update their wardrobes with. However, being mobility experts, we know that warmer weather can bring a different set of challenges for those with swollen or problematic feet. But that’s why we work with those leading brands. Their shoes are crafted to suit those with wider feet, swelling, foot sensitivity, diabetes and arthritis.

With a range of features including next-level adjustability, we can see a summer of happy feet! Think extra long touch-fastening straps. Removable and washable insoles for extra depth and freshness. Padded, supportive and lightweight? We’ve got you covered.

When we think of summer, everyone thinks of a different colour palette. Whether you prefer neutral tones, a metallic finish, pretty pastels or summery brights you’ll find something for you, right here.

Do You Lilac What You See?

The Foxton open design shoe and the Chloe sandal have been seasonal favourites for a while. So, because they’re so popular, Sandpiper have introduced another colour for both styles: Lilac. Different styles, but both have a 6E width fitting, super-soft leather and a gentle 3cm heel height.

Click on any image or product name to shop the style.

Completely new for this season, if you like the lilac, is the Bella shoe. Featuring intricate decoration and being available in shades ‘Sandy’ and ‘Lilac’ like the Chloe sandal, it is also both light and airy with the added structure of a fuller shoe like the Foxton, but in a 4E fitting.

Brand new for SS23 the Bella shoe in ‘Lilac’ and ‘Sandy’. Click to shop now.
Click on any image or product name to shop the style.

Here Comes The Sun

Back by popular demand, E & EE width shoemakers Suave have included the Gabby and Gina styles in their Spring/Summer collection. Both of these modern and stylish designs feature chunky buckle fastenings and equally chunky soles. The soles flex with the wearer, just as the soft leather upper does. So what’s the difference? Well, I suppose it comes down to ‘strength’. Gabby offers the additional structure of a supportive backstrap as well as strong colour choices ‘Mustard’ and glitzy ‘Fudge’. But those who want to embrace the ‘sliders’ trend, Gina is a simple slip-on sandal in pretty pastel shades in ‘Lilac’ and ‘White’.

Click on any image or product name to shop the style.

Shine This Summer

Two of Sandpipers most popular shoes for warmer weather, Filton and Cheryl, have always had a great selection of colours and patterns to choose from. But that choice just got even better. The Filton is now also available in ‘Grey/Mosaic’ whilst the Cheryl is now available in ‘Rose/Mosaic’. A pattern made to look like mosaic shapes made up of smaller, glitzy shapes, they’re the perfect holiday choice. The air-circulating insole and open toe of the Cheryl is great for those warmer days. The straps open right out to make them easy to get on and off, too. But because you can’t always predict the British weather even in the summer, the Filton shoe has a covered toebox that’s deep and seam-free- ideal for problem toes. Thanks to its low front, the Filton is the perfect choice for someone with a high instep.

Click on any image or product name to shop the style.

Elegant Evenings

The summer heat, air travel and dancing can have the effect of making our feet swell. Savvy travellers pack shoes that allow for this rather than letting it spoil their holiday. Whether you normally buy a wider fitting shoe or are fed up of the nice sandals you took on holiday feeling too narrow, Suave have the solution. With two designs and four colours between them, the Ebony and Pru sandals with E width fittings (wider than standard width) are ideal for elegant evenings.

The 2″ heel gives the wearer that little boost without compromising on comfort. Dance like no one’s watching thanks to the supple leather and slip-resistant sole. The styling’s not the only thing that will keep you effortlessly cool- the cushioned insoles allow air to circulate freely. We particularly love the ‘Grecian’ feel of the metallic or white criss-cross pattern of the Pru sandal. The only thing to worry about is which style and colour to choose…or just buy them all!

Click on any image or product name to shop the style.

These are just the latest styles and colours we’ve added to our range! There’s a fantastic selection of sandals, lightweight shoes and open-toed ‘house shoes’ and slippers on our Shoes and Slippers page- click here to shop. There’s also men’s footwear, including two new styles of men’s sandals just in time for summer: Nathan and Neil.

If you need to know how to find the correct width fitting for your footwear, click here to watch our handy video.