Canterbury Rise and Recline Chair

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Available to buy in stores. See description for pricing.

The Canterbury is available in a range of sizes and fabrics. The back and accented knuckles provide extra support and comfort. £1425-£1650.

View our ethical trading policy to see why this product isn’t available to buy online, or call 0114 2293388. Free no-obligation home assessments available.
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Delivery & Assembly


Delivery is what others call white glove service, which means we will deliver, set up and tested ready for you to use. We will explain and go through the product with you before we leave. You do not have to save packaging, it will not be left at the kerbside, you will not have to put it together yourself.

Please note: We only deliver to the UK mainland

Firstly, the Canterbury has all the classic features of a rise and recline chair but with sturdy wooden knuckles. It has an extremely comfortable lateral back. A lateral back offers support around a person’s sides, effectively ‘hugging’ them. This promotes correct sitting posture.

Secondly, we have a wide range of fabrics to choose from. State-of-the-art Aquaclean fabric can be included at no extra charge.

It’s available in three sizes: Grande, Standard and Petite. The Canterbury can be made to order taken away in store. Anyone considering buying a rise recliner chair should first be measured either in one of our stores or at home, before buying.

Single Motor: From £1425.00. Reclines and raises the legs at the same time.

Dual Motor: From £1550. Choose which to control, either the back, leg rest or both.

Triple Motor: From £1650. Third motor allows you to tilt back without operating the back rest or leg rest.

As ethical mobility product traders, this rise & recline chair isn’t available to buy in store but you can try it out in one of our four stores. To view why this is, click here to read our ethical trading policy.

To see why it can be tricky finding the correct size rise & recline chair for you, click here to be taken to our YouTube channel!