Freedom Chair A08 Powered Wheelchair

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Freedom Chair A08

This model of Freedom powered wheelchairs can work equally well indoors and out. This large power wheelchair is equipped with 13″ rear drive wheels and powerful motors. Despite having a 19″ seat with and 25 stone user capacity, it is also lightweight. It weighs just26.7kg. The Freedom range of powerchairs each have on-board anti-tip wheels with shock absorbers for comfort and reassurance.

Fit up to 3 batteries for an impressive 27 mile range! And when you’re not using your electric wheelchair, it folds compact and can be pulled along like a wheelie suitcase.

E-Goes have adopted a brushless DC motor, which has the benefits of low noise, energy saving, high torque, great efficiency, maintenance free and long service life. Featuring a lithium battery, it has the advantages of high energy density, long service life and protects the environment. A brushless special intelligent controller has been chosen, which has the advantages of free and easy operation and accurate positioning. It utilises a foldable multi link frame structure (patented by the company), which has the advantages of fast folding, safety and reliability, and also simple operation. All this as well as being small and portable.

This product is mainly composed of frame, wheel, seat, armrest, battery, motor and controller. It is powered by lithium battery. The motion speed and direction of the wheelchair are controlled by rocker controller and left and right brushless motors.

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