Rollout-Trackway and Rollout-Trackway Patio

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Length: 150cm, 250cm, 500cm, Patio 2 x 1.8m
Width: Trackway 90cm (35.4ins)

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Enjoy outdoor spaces once more. The Rollout-Trackway and Rollout-Trackway Patio provide an instant solution to moving around outdoors, without the need for expensive and permanent building work. Transform grass, gravel and other uneven surfaces for the short term or long term.

The Trackways come in three lengths to meet your needs and can be cut to size. The lengths are 150cm (4ft 11ins), 250cm (8ft 2ins) and 500cm (16ft 5ins). The spacious 2 x 1.8m (6ft 7ins x 5ft 10ins) Patio is ideal for making the most of your space and entertaining company.

The Trackway and Patio are made in Britain, so they’re made with the British weather in mind! They can be left outside and remain safe to use, come rain or shine.  Also, pieces can be placed together to create and even bigger area. More importantly, there’s no need for expensive and messy construction work just to use your outside space.

However, when you’ve had enough, simply roll it up and store it for next time. Trackway products give the freedom to access any uneven surface by being completely portable.

Moreover, these super versatile surface solutions work great with the Enable Access’ Aerolight and Ultralight ramps- click here for find your perfect pairing.

Click this link to see the difference Rollout-Trackway can make!