Walford Ladies Extra Wide Shoes

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Colour: Black, Brown
Size: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

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Walford Ladies Extra Wide Shoes

Sandpiper Walford ladies extra wide shoes are some of our most popular wide-fitting shoes, with a 4E-6E fitting. The style combines both a classic look and comfort.

Struggling with hammertoe or bunions? Featuring the stretchy elastane forepart, these Sandpiper Walford shoes stretch to the shape of your feet and toes, without rubbing. They feature a small soft toe puff and are suitable for diabetics.

Having foot issues often means that our customers have feet that are different widths. Walford features an extra long touch fastening strap to ensure a secure fit, as well as a reassuring padded ankle support. Each shoe has two removable insoles meaning there are three fitting options for each foot. The low one-inch (2.5cm) heel helps the wearer stay steady on their feet.

Sandpiper Walford ladies extra wide shoes come in either brown or black, making it easier deciding what to wear.

For more touch fastening shoes, see the Sandpiper Foxton- click here.

About Sandpiper: Sandpiper are specialists in extra wide and ultra wide footwear for both ladies and men. Well known for their super soft leather and high quality manufacturing, Sandpiper can offer supreme comfort for those with problem feet or swollen ankles.  Sandpiper really are the ultimate in comfort footwear that is like no other. Slip on a pair of their shoes, sandals or slippers and you’ll find they have one thing in common: comfort and fit.