Doorline-Threshold Wedge

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Length: 20cm/7.8ins (4cm height), 27cm/10.6ins (5cm height), 40cm/15.7ins (7.5cm height), 50cm/19.7ins (10cm), 70cm/27.6ins (12.5cm height), 90cm/35.4ins (15cm height)
Width: 74cm
Total Weight: 1.7kg/3.7lbs (4cm height), 2.3kg/5lbs (5cm height), 4.5kg/10lbs (7.5cm height), 5.5kg/12lbs (10cm height), 7.3kg/16lbs (12.5cm height), 9.2kg/20.2lbs (15cm height)
Inchs: 1.5", 2", 3", 4", 5", 6"

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The Doorline-Threshold Wedge can be used indoor and outdoors and is an easy solution for getting over the threshold. It can be lifted out of the way when not needed or easily fixed in place for long term use. It’s available in six popular sizes in order to get the best match for your threshold.

Gripline technology stops the ramp from slipping and ensures a bump-free transition from floor to wedge. The all-weather grip surface means the user won’t slip either. The Doorline-Threshold Wedge is strong enough to support up to 350kg (55 stones) but light enough to be picked up and moved.

Because you don’t want to bring everything from outdoors indoors, its can be fully sanitised and is washable.

Choose from the following wedge heights: 4cm (1.5ins); 5cm (2ins); 7.5cm (3ins); 10cm (4ins); 12.5cm (5ins); 15cm (6ins).

If you’d prefer a ramp that can be placed on any height threshold up to 13cm, click here to take a look at the Doorline-Multi solution.

Doorline-threshold Wedges are designed and manufactured in Britain by Enable Access. Enable Access pride themselves on finding solutions for those with mobility issues, helping to provide them with greater independence.

Checkout Enable Access’ handy video giving advice on what to consider when you’re thinking of buying in a ramp.