Q700-Up M StandingWheelchair

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Product Specification

Colour: Variety
Length: 1070mm
Width: 620mm
Max User Weight: 120kg
Book Home Demo: Yes
Seat Depth: 400mm - 540mm
Seat Height: 450mm - 480mm
Seat Width: 400mm - 500mm
Service Contacts: Single Service £160.00. 2 Year Service contract £285. 3 Year service contract £420
Warranty: RTB / 12 month

RTB / 12 month
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Like nothing you’ve every seen before.

Stand out with the Q700-Up M Standing Powerchair. Combining the superior outdoor performance and tight indoor agility of the Q700 M with the ability to stand, you can now enjoy the health and social benefits of standing wherever you go. Designed to react and adapt to the movement of your body, its biomechanical, intelligent seating system ensures that you maintain an excellent, seated posture throughout the day (even during seat transitions). Available with a wealth of power seat functions, you can fully-personalise your standing sequences and seat positions to be accessible at a touch of a button with memory seating and even monitor your pressure management with the Remote Seating app.

The Q700 Up M Sedeo Pro Wheelchair base is combined with our new biomechanical standing seating system. This means you can stand at up to 85° allowing you to interact with your friends face-to-face and access environments from new heights. The Q700-UP M also provides up to six programmable memory positions which can be tailored for your individual needs and wants. So at the touch of one button you can access your most commonly used positions.

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