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Which Mobility Scooter Is Right For Me?

Did you know there are four main categories of mobility scooters? So what should you look for when buying a mobility scooter? All have different features and benefits. This handy guide to buying a mobility scooter shows you what you can expect from Boot, Folding, Pavement and Road-Legal scooters. It helps narrow down the search for the ideal scooter to suit a person’s needs and lifestyle.

Boot Scooters

Boot scooters might be the first scooter our customers buy when walking longer distances becomes tricky. Compact and convenient, they’re designed to be taken apart easily for easy storage in the boot of car. With twenty different types of boot scooter from six leading manufacturers, we have a range of styles and colours to choose from. Being so compact, the distance range, user weight limit and features are slightly less than larger scooter types. However, with comfortable, padded seating, handy shopping basket and low prices starting from £695 (ex. VAT*), they’re ideal for occasional use.

Pavement Scooters

Again, like our boot scooters, we have a large selection of pavement scooters at our mobility shops in Sheffield, Rotherham and Derby. These scooters tend to be more spacious and so comfortable, for people who want a mobility scooter that they’re going to use more often. Because they are more robust, not all pavement scooters can be taken apart. However, they may have a fold-down back to save on space when storing indoors. Increasingly, more manufacturers are solving the dilemma of a sturdy pavement scooter that can also be taken apart to allow it to be transported in the boot of a car. Take the Marlin, for example. It has all the comfort and sturdiness of a pavement scooter but with the handy features of its boot scooter counterpart, the Illusion.

All four types of scooters have scooters that are available on the Motability scheme. This scheme allows people who receive the higher rate of disability living allowance to pay for their equipment monthly, whilst receiving a great level of aftercare, including maintenance and servicing.

Mobility scooter

Folding Scooters

As you might have guessed, folding scooters fold down compact for easier transportation, unlike boot scooters that are taken apart. It also makes them the ideal solution if space is limited in terms of home storage. Because of this convenient feature, they tend to be more expensive than boot scooters. However, as well as Motability, we also have other options to help spread the cost. In store we can offer Snap Finance and, online, Klarna is available.

With manual and electric folding versions available, there are a range of other features to consider, too. More robust folding scooters that are designed for comfort and sturdiness, can weigh more than others. This might be something to think about when considering how the scooter will be moved when folded. Others are ultra-lightweight and are ideal for things like airline travel, thanks to their lithium batteries. Without arms and bulky upholstery, some can even fold up and be moved liked a wheelie suitcase.

Mobility scooter

Road Scooters

Road scooters are the most versatile scooters on the market. Firstly, they can be used just like any other scooter, for popping to the shops and the likes. Secondly, they can be used as a car might be for a short journey, getting you from A to B faster (8mph) than your average scooter. Therefore, these tend to be the more expensive option. However, with some starting from as little as £1,795 *, there’s still options to suit most budgets.

So, what sets them apart from the rest? Looks wise, the main difference is the inclusion of headlights and wing mirrors- safety features for driving on the road. They also appear more robust for added sturdiness when driving on the road amongst other road users. But sturdy doesn’t have to mean over-sized as models like the Colt Sport remain compact and narrow for when you switch the maximum speed down to 4mph for driving around pavements and shops. Some even have handy storage baskets to hold your shopping.

For those longer journeys, spacious, padded captain’s seats, head and armrests keep you comfortable. Most are adjustable to optimise your driving position, again adding to their comfort. Depending on your driving style and mobility levels, we have road scooters with both traditional handle bars or delta steering bars (a ‘D’ shaped handle bar) that give greater scope as to where you position your hands. This type also allow for easier single-handed steering when needed.

No car? No worries.

If you don’t have use of a car, a road scooter could be the answer. Some have canopies to shield you from the elements, as a car would. They can travel greater distances on a single charge, with the Rascal Pioneer managing up to 35 miles! The Vita X can even go off-road, thanks to its suspension, chunky tyres, front and rear bumpers, as well as its powerful motor!

Because they’re road legal, these scooters need taxing- but don’t worry, we’ll take care of that for you.

*Could you be exempt from paying VAT for a mobility scooter?

If you have a long-lasting, disabling condition or illness, you’re probably exempt from paying VAT (Value Added Tax- 20% of the product’s value) on most mobility products such as a mobility scooter. You don’t have to be registered as disabled. Simply complete a few details including a declaration of why you are exempt either at the checkout on our online shop or in our stores, and we’ll take care of the rest.