Oxford Deluxe Transport Sling

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Oxford Deluxe Transport Sling

The Oxford Deluxe Transport sling is a great, versatile sling for standing and seated transfers. Whether it’s from chair to wheelchair, bed to chair, or wheelchair to commode, it can be used in a range of ways. It can even be used in rehabilitation exercises and assisted standing. This sling for Oxford active stand-aids is suitable for patients who have a greater degree of weight bearing ability. Suitable for supportive seated transfers as well as assisted standing. However it is not suited to double amputees or lifting from a horizontal position.

Key features include exceptional patient comfort thanks to the padded design. It can be customised to suit the patient with an adjustable waist strap for added support and safety. There’s also non-slip fabric in the back section to ensure it remains in the correct position.

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Suitable for use in a range of settings including the care home, hospitals and residential home. Find out more about mobile hoists and standing aids.